Style your guest room – decorating ideas


When you decorate a guest room, you make it feel inviting and warm because you want your guests to feel like they are staying in a luxury hotel. It is understandable that you want to leave a good impression on your overnight visitors; you want them to come back and to tell your friends what an amazing host you are. But how do you create a guest room that makes your guests feel comfortable? Well, you design it like a retreat room, forget about your personal style and dive into the hotel design.

Here are some decorating ideas and recommendations that will help you make your guest room the most comfortable room in the house.


Start with the colour scheme

If you design the guest room from scratch, you will have to start by choosing the colour scheme. Adults will use this room most of the time therefore, you should opt for a colour that enhances the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Blue or neutral colours are perfect for guest rooms because they make people relax. If you will choose a bold colour, it can distract your guests’ attention and make them feel uncomfortable. You may not know now whom your guests will be, but they will probably be close friends and family members. You definitely know their interests and preferences if you want to personalise the space and make them feel like home.

You have to think similarly to a hotel manager, you want the space to feel inviting and warm and the best way to do it is to work with neutral colour palettes. They have the power to create a soothing atmosphere, something everyone longs for after a long trip.

Quality should be the key term used in decorating the space

You have to think about what features made you feel comfortable when you visited your friends and slept in their guestrooms. If it were to list the places where you felt the most comfortable, they will definitely be the ones that feature quality items and materials. Therefore, you have to make sure that your guest room will be decorated keeping this aspect in mind. Do quality items cost more? Yes, they do, but they come with advantages. They last longer, look better, feel better and transform the space in a retreat. You should choose a comfortable mattress because their entire experience in your house will start with a comfortable and relaxing sleep. Then you should make sure that there are enough pillows in the room, of different heights and types to allow your guests to choose the one that better suits their sleep needs.

Take a step further, consider the bedding and sheets, they have to be made from quality fabrics. It is recommended to opt for quilt cover sets because they can be used for multiple years in the guest room and they will maintain their quality and features. When it comes to the bedrooms of the house, it is always a great idea to opt for sets because they offer a luxurious feeling and they boost the aesthetics of the room. Choose a different style for every room of the house and opt for a simple but elegant one for the guest room.

A clean room will always make a good impression

Do not bring too many decorations to clutter the room and make it feel like a storage space.  Even if you have guests from time to time and they do not live in your house permanently, you should clean the room regularly and put fresh flowers every week. If you will clean it regularly, you will prevent it from getting damp air and you will not be on a hurry to clear it out when an unexpected guest comes by.

Set up the décor

When decorating the rest of the house the most important aspect to pay attention to is the style. But when it comes to your guest room it is vital to offer your guests all the essentials they need to feel comfortable. They need to feel that you are taking care of them and you can start by creating a hotel-like bedside setup. You should place a lighting system close to the bed, a vase with fresh flowers, a scented candle, a cup for water and even some books to offer them reading material if they have difficulties in falling asleep. These are all small touches but they will definitely impact the aesthetics of the room.

The space should look like a functional but dreamy retreat. The impression should last even after they will leave the house. Sometimes even the most modern guest will appreciate some rustic accents because they make the room cosier.

If you have opted for large windows to offer access to your outdoor space then you should set the furniture in a way that allows your guests to admire the surroundings. If you have trees in the garden then you can play with the décor and place the bed towards the window.

Go big when it comes to lighting

Not for this room but for all the rooms of the house lighting is important. If the lighting is bad then the space will feel claustrophobic and uninviting. Do not be that host that tries to save money by adding a single lighting bulb in the room. You should make sure that your guest room is as well-equipped as the rest of the house when it comes to lighting. Besides the main lighting system, you should also bring inside a bedside lamp, because your guests may feel uncomfortable to sleep in an unfamiliar dark room. The bedside lamp will offer them a warm light when they will shut off the main one.

You can easily transform a room in a cosy escape for your guests no matter the space available. Even if you have a small room, you can transform it into a spacious one if you use some tricks and you make some changes. Do not forget, the quality of the items is the most important one. Keep the space simple and clean, and you will make a good impression.