Things to consider before going on vacation in Muscat Oman


After reading a few things about the capital of Oman and also checking out a few photographs of the place, you might have decided that this location is worth being your next travel destination. Because it has in fact a wide range of beautiful things to offer to tourists, and the city is welcoming and worth exploring, choosing to visit it is a decision you won’t regret. However, just like any travel requires a bit of planning, you will need to get a few insights on the matter before departing. These are the details you need to be aware of, in order to enjoy a pleasant vacation, so look into these tips carefully and make the most of them:

Oman is a hot country

One of the first things you should know about Oman is that the weather there can get quite hot, especially during summer. Even during winter days, temperatures can reach 25 degrees Celsius, so what you need to do is choose the dates of your trip carefully. If you want to enjoy Muscat to the fullest and to not let the high humidity and temperatures of the city to prevent you from engaging in the activities you had planned, it’s best if you don’t go there in the middle of summer, but choose another period instead. Checking out in advance the weather is also recommended in order to pack with you the right type of clothing. Colorful and light clothes are recommended to be worn in Oman, so you can fight the heat.

Get acquainted with the local culture

Because Oman does have a rich and interesting local culture, and there are certain rules and regulations that are circulating in this country’s cities, you should spend some time reading about the people and their habits there. Without being informed on the subject properly, you can easily end up saying something or acting in an inappropriate manner, which might cause you discomfort. To prevent yourself acting in frowned upon ways or offend someone during your stay, learning about the local etiquette and some local culture rules will be highly useful. And with so many informative resources in this department, which are found all over the internet, it won’t be difficult to go prepared.

Book accommodation early – choose a luxurious stay

You can probably agree that the accommodations you choose for your travels influence in one way or another your entire vacation. This is why, each time you are planning a trip somewhere, spending enough time analyzing hotel options and picking out the right place for your stay is essential. Well, what you should know is that Muscat will impress you in this department, having available a variety of wonderful hotels, the majority falling into the luxury category. Do your research, and see what resorts and hotels you come across. You can seek a few recommendations online, you’ll certainly find plenty fo information on the best luxury hotels in Muscat, so you can book a room without doubting whether you have made a wise selection or not. However, to access a good price and still find available rooms in the hotel of your choice, you should handle your bookings with enough time in advance. Secure your spot early, and you won’t have any troubles in the accommodation department.

You’ll want to explore outside Muscat

While Muscat will give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of some interesting attractions, and engage in exciting activities, considering the variety of sightseeing opportunities Oman has in store, you’ll probably want to wander off outside the city as well. To conveniently get around, and explore other areas that may not be reachable by bus, consider renting a vehicle for yourself, which will make transportation far easier. However, keep in mind that you are in a foreign country, and the road signs might not always be that clear, so you should have a guide with you, if you are planning to stay quite far from the city’s premises.

Safety precautions

Muscat is a safe city, the country having in general a low crime rate. However, because you are a tourist in a foreign country, you should take some basic safety precautions.  Strolling around remote districts of the city on your own, having important valuables or large amounts of cash on you are the things you should avoid doing. As a first-time visitor, if you want to make sure you don’t face any problems, so  it’s best if you just explore the city with a guide. 

Don’t take too many photographs

Although it’s ok if you want to catch on camera a construction with an interesting architectural style or the picturesque surroundings, be careful when you are shooting photos or videos, because you aren’t allowed to get on camera any locals who haven’t given you their permission. Taking photos or videos of men in military uniform or churchmen is actually prohibited by law, so to not have any problems with the local law force, avoid taking photographs or making videos in populated areas.

Listen to what the tour guide tells you when exploring natural reservations

Because you will come across some rare species of plant and animals when you are on a tour of the local natural reservations, make sure you are attentive of what your guide is telling you. Collecting sea shells or touching plants isn’t allowed, so keep up with the information your tour guide is sharing.

Muscat will provide you with a unique travel experience, and once you discover the beauty and picturesque setting of the place, you will be extremely happy you have chosen this destination. With so many interesting things to do and see, your vacation there will be anything but dull. However, in order for things to go smoothly and for you to enjoy every second of your stay from start to finish, it’s important to plan your entire vacation with precise care. These are the considerations you need to have before setting off to Muscat, Oman, so think them through and stay on top of proper holiday planning.