Things to consider before proposing to your spouse


So, you have made up your mind and decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with your spouse. Asking the big question is a huge milestone for any couple, and most of the time, it’s down to the proposer to get it just right. Proposing to your partner is a big deal, so you have to get ready and plan carefully before you get down on one knee. Here are the most important things you should consider to get you ready for the perfect proposal:

Make sure you are on the same page

It’s a common thing for couples to discuss the idea of getting married before they decide to pop the question, so the proposal doesn’t come like a total surprise. But before you prepare your game plan and buy the engagement ring for your spouse, you should make sure that you are on the same page and you are both ready to take this commitment. Talk to your partner about the future and make sure they see marriage in their future too. If you are feeling too nervous that the conversation may sound like a proposal itself and destroy the surprise, you can keep it broad by discussing your friend’s recent engagement and lead into it that way. It may be a hard conversation to have, but engagement is an important milestone for any couple and there should be two willing parties for everything to be perfect.

Pick the perfect engagement ring

The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that your partner will be wearing every day for the rest of their lives, so get a sense of what they will really love to wear on their finger. Walking into a shop and choosing a diamond ring or an engagement ring with wedding band isn’t the easiest task for the typical man.  Doing some digging into what kind of ring your spouse may like to have after the proposal is something that can save you a lot of shopping time, and maybe even some nerves by the time it comes around to asking the proposal question. First of all, you should decide between gold and silver rings depending on what is your spouse’s favorite metal choice. Secondly, find out their ring size by checking your partner’s jewelry. Find a ring that your lover wears regularly and make a not of which finger it goes on. From that on, it would be easy to figure out the perfect size for the engagement ring. From the second you have the ring in your hands, make sure you keep it safe and hidden. It would be a pity for your spouse to see the small ring box and get the surprise of the proposal destroyed.

Choose a personal proposal rather than original

Most men have to think carefully, do research, examine their finances, and prepare a spectacular game plan before they propose to their spouse. Yet, a spontaneous proposal has its merit and can be just as meaningful for both of you as a proposal at a fancy dinner at the best restaurant in town would mean. There is no certain guideline that every man has to follow entirely in order to plan the perfect proposal. Each proposal can have its magic and be perfect for any couple as long as it feels personal for both you and your spouse. So, whether you are just too excited and pop the big question while you are at home just the two of you or during a surprise party with all your friends and family members, the proposal can be just perfect.

Be emotionally prepared

It’s not an easy thing to lay it all out there and risk what could be the biggest rejection of your life, so it makes sense that you are prepared emotionally for a “no” too.  If your spouse says “no”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t love you, it may also mean that they are just not entirely ready for such a commitment. It is, however, important to understand the reasons behind the rejection and not think of it as the end of the world. On the other hand, you also have to be emotionally prepared for the proposal even if you are 100% sure that your spouse is going to say “yes”. It is, after all, a very emotional moment and it would be a pity if you get too nervous to be able to ask the big question.

Find the perfect proposal speech  

Proposing to your spouse doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go above and beyond your limits to create the best proposal speech, but it is a moment that is just as important for your lover as it is for you. So, the words “will you marry me” will come naturally to ask, but you should also be prepared to tell your spouse why you want to spend the rest of your life together with her. Your spouse needs to feel all your emotions and excitement for the new chapter that you are going to start together. Write down what you would like to tell to your lover before asking the big question and practice it before to make sure you won’t forget everything because of the emotions.

Plan a celebration

A celebration doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-on engagement party with all your friends and family member, it just has to be a moment where you two can celebrate the big moment. You have limitless possibilities from booking a table at your favorite restaurant, tucking some champagne in the fridge, booking a two-days trip in your favorite destination or have a few friends waiting to start a party. all you have to do is to read into your partner’s personality and preferences to determine whether a private celebration or a celebration with all your friends and family members will make them feel the most comfortable and happy.