Wearing a luxury watch defines the first impression you make


The rise of smartwatches seemed to have changed completely how traditional watches make people be perceived among their peers. Yet, this trend doesn’t seem to have so much power on people who value elegance more than fashion trends. Most people might be comfortable with sports watches that go well with their everyday outfits, but successful entrepreneurs have a completely different perspective on what types of watches they choose to wear with their elegant suits.  It goes without saying that a traditional wristwatch is a priority in the ensemble of most successful businessmen because, in the business world, people who wear luxury watches are often perceived as being more organized, reliable, and inspire an allure of professionalism.

So, at the time when the majority of people simply glance their smartphones or laptops to see what the time is, what is it about luxury watches that still make a powerful good impression?

Why people with traditional luxury watches are considered more successful?

It definitely happened to you to associate a person wearing a traditional luxury watch with a large bank account. Yet, it may have never occurred to you why you instantly got this impression without even knowing the person in front of you. Well, it seems that this association is much more popular among everyone than you would have thought.

People who wear traditional watches are perceived as individuals who have their productivity at an optimal level. Why is that?  Simply because the idea of having a watch and constantly being aware of how you spend your time helps you manage your time resources more efficiently. Surely, our smartphones can tell us what time is it too, but it also often happens to get distracted by the notifications that pop up on our devices’ screens, thus wasting more time than we intended to do. Another reason may be the fact that wearing a watch helps us being more punctual for our meeting. In fact, studies have shown that professionals who wear wristwatches usually arrive earlier than their colleagues who don’t wear any.

Successful people are often associated with quality, they want the best quality for everything in their lives surely because they can afford it. Thus, those who wear luxury watches know that quality items influence their overall appearance in a professional environment and invest in it.

Your watch advertises your style

Surprisingly as it may be, a wristwatch does a lot more than just telling you the time, it can also advertise your style to the people you meet on a daily basis. How you look can say a lot about you in an environment filled with new people whom you are just meeting. Luxury watches can definitely impress your audience and enhance a good first impression. Women have lots of accessories they can wear to complete their outfits and pinpoint their personal fashion style. Yet, for men, a wristwatch perfectly integrated into their formal look is the very best way to prove an elegant style. Luxury watches help you make a good impression because their potion effect triggers a mental association of longevity, reliability, class, and quality, and aren’t those the things we all look for in someone new we meet?

Luxury watches help you impress

It is very rare for someone to purchase and wear a luxury watch, such as Omega de Ville or Rolex, with the goal of being discreet and pass by without turning some heads on their way. It is an accessory that people want other people to see to impress. Shaking hands with a prospective client or business partner will simply give you an advantage right from the beginning when you expose your stylish watch and get a compliment from that person. It means that you have been noticed and already seem more interesting to the person in front of you. Although they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, wristwatches are a unisex accessory so you will find that both men and women alike are more likely to notice you for what you are wearing at your wrist.

How to match a watch with your outfit?

The power of a wristwatch can either break or build and enhance an outfit. The golden rule of matching a watch perfectly with your outfit is to consider the formality of both of these things. For business formal outfits, you should go for classic style gold or silver with a thin dial. Yet, for a black-tie outfit, go for a classic watch style and black leather band. On the other hand, the biggest mistake you could make is to combine a luxury elegant watch with a sports outfit. You may be going to play tennis with your prospective clients and want to impress them for this scenario, wearing an elegant watch will only make you fail to impress because it is a sign of bad taste and style.

Always keep in mind to take a look at your outfit before choosing the wristwatch you want to wear, otherwise, your intentions to look at your very best might be ruined by the mismatch between what clothes you are wearing and your watch. That is how you understand how a stylish watch has the power to make you get a negative first impression instead of impressing with your elegance.

In social contexts, people are very likely to determine things like your social position, level of education, taste, and style only by looking at your watch. If you plan to dress to impress by looking at your very best, be it for personal or business reasons, a nice traditional luxury watch is the best accessory to complete that flawless image. If wearing a watch makes you feel confident, stylish, and makes you believe that it gives you an edge over others, then wear one with pride.