A new auto masterpiece – Bugatti Galibier 16C


Bugatti gave to the public, in a private event which took place in Geneva, a new auto model Galibier 16C, the brother with four places of current Veyron. Bugatti exposed to Geneva two special versions of Veyron Grand Sport auto, but in the same time it kept the best car for the private event, which went off close to the auto hall, but far from the public’s curious eyes.

Art, shape and technique are the three values of the brand that Ettore Bugatti and his son, Jean, wanted to bring into vogue the most powerful engines and the most upper class bodies for every new model. In this process, they experimented, without any compromise new materials, which placed Bugatti on the first position, the company being the only one which is making the car’s bodies, engine block and the wheels from aluminum.

Volkswagen subsidiary showed a new version of the model 16C Galibier, a masterpiece dyed with black, more sober than the original, which is in two colors. The body of this masterpiece is hand made from carbon fiber, and the doors and the mudguards are from aluminum. The back of the new car has a big curve, but the blocks have, apparently, an architecture more conventional. Anyway, if you remember the official teaser, the apparent conventionality turns into nonconformity, because this model has 8 evacuations and the third break tail light trickles along perpendicular from the cover till the back window.

Inside, Bugatti Galibier 16 C can be compered with the most luxurious courts from Corsica. The wood is omnipresent, in the middle is the speed indicator and another indicator which shows how many powerful horses the car is using. These indicators have crystal windows and are made by the Swiss famous clocks designer Parmigiani.

This beautiful masterpiece could not be the jungle’s lion without a strong heart, and this will be, probably, like that one that Veyron has, that means, W16 quard-turbo. We found out that this monster will offer the same benefits as Veyron, developing 1001 PH and a couple of 1250 Nm.

The price seems to be bigger than one million euro. This is, of course, a very important factor because this fact will influence the fact if and in how many exemplars this car will be made. This depends of the feedback of those people who can afford  such masterpiece, a Bugatti Galibier 16C.


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