A short history of Janome sewing machines


The Janome sewing machines have earned their reputation fair and square over the years as some of the best machines on the market, especially for beginners, but also for those who are more advanced in the art of sewing. Whether this is the first time you are interested in this subject or you want to know if the Janome sewing machines prices are enough of a reason to choose this brand, there are a few things that you should know about its history and how it earned its positive reputation.

Why choose Janome?

The market certainly offers plenty of options for people to choose from, as there are numerous sewing machine manufacturers available out there, each one with its pros and cons. However, most people do not realize that the Janome sewing machines are very easy to use and are a great choice for beginners. This is because they have intuitive features and produce a clean design that enables users to complete even more complex tasks successfully.

A glimpse thorough time

Janome is a Japanese firm that started to produce sewing machines in the early 1920s. Janome changed the world of sewing when in 1935 they invented the Janome J class bobbin. Prior to that, long shuttle bobbins were leading the way. The name Janome means “snake eye” because the Janome bobbin looks like a snake eye.

Janome has grown into the largest manufacture of sewing machines in the world, with a strong global parts service & sales distribution network, Janome is sold in over 100 different countries.

The sales of Janome in the USA came about very fast when in 1960 Janome Sewing Machine Company of Tokyo, Japan, purchased New Home Sewing Machine Company.  Janome merged its activity with this American company that had been on the market since the 1800s. They eventually transitioned the New Home brand name over to the Janome name brand.

Janome also purchased other famous brands such as Swiss Elna.

For many decades Janome has manufactured department store brand names such as Kenmore for Sears. Furthermore, Janome was the first sewing machine company to offer home quilters with accessible long-arm machines. These days the Janome sewing machines are always designed having the end user in mind, in an effort to anticipate all possible needs and offer products that reach the highest level of quality.

Main types of machines

Even though this brand has many all-purpose sewing machines, Janome took industrial products that were previously niche-oriented machines such as: Embroidery machines, and made them small, reliable & simple to use.

Embroidery machines: These machines are designed to help their users to integrate special designs into their projects. Basically, users can turn images into stitch patterns that the machine will stitch with very little help. The only thing the user needs to do is to change the thread when it is time to use a different colour. The machines automatically tie off the ends, so users do not even have to worry about when to stop, making them highly convenient for those who like to work with embroideries.

Sergers: These are great machines for those who do not like to go over the same area twice as they can stitch and cut at the same time. The main difference offered by many Janome models is that these sewing machines make their own adjustments and save the users a lot of time and effort in the process.

Quilting machines: These machines have stronger systems to withstand the stress created by multi-layer sewing. In addition, because of the longer arm length the Janome quilting machines they are constructed of light weight aircraft aluminum with a much stronger skeletal frame, as a result of this precision construction, Janome machines don’t stress the needles, minimizing any chance of skipped stitches. Auto needle threaders consistently work. The Janome quilting machines are also equipped with auto thread trimmers. This combination of easy threading process with thread trimmer and wider work surfaces help the users handle and enjoy the art of quilting as well as interior decorating.

There are many Janome sewing machines that have a built-in memory for stitches and patterns and computerised control screens. This brand even creates smaller machines for users who have a limited space in their workshops. Since there are so many speciality machines, those who are looking for one, they should make sure it meets all the particular needs of their project in order to enjoy the most benefits and be completely happy with their purchase.

Janome has become an international brand that is successfully sold in over 100 countries. The fact that it has so many types of machines that are intuitive, have smart designs and an affordable price has certainly earned this brand a good reputation. Whether you are a beginner in the art of sewing or you need a professional machine, Janome has something for every need.