About Foods That Help Detox the Body


Any plan to detoxify the body requires cleaning the body of chemicals and other pollutants so common in everyday life. A diet based on unprocessed foods, will ensure you maximum energy and health. It is better to focus on fruits and vegetables, but also including protein to maintain muscular mass and cell regeneration.

  • Cereals: Most cereals are not a complete source of proteins, which means they do not provide the essential amount of amino acids. The only exception is the quinoa, which has 8 grams of proteins at each cup of cooked cereal. Others, such as brown rice, oats, buckwheat or millet will be complete only eaten with beans or peas.
  • Animal proteins: While many people who want to detoxify opt for a vegetarian diet, others include fish in the diet, organic chicken meat and lamb. When you buy fish, choose the ones rose in freedom and make sure that any meat you buy does not contain hormones or saline or dyes.
  • Vegetable proteins: Dry beans are very good for getting fibers in the detoxification program. Lentils and peas are also good, but avoid canned and choose fresh products.
  • Nuts and seeds: Nuts and almonds are an ideal source of healthy fats and proteins. Eat them fresh and without additives or salt. Pumpkin seeds, sesame or sunflower gives you magnesium and fiber.

The detox diet effect is due not only to foods it contains, but also those it exclude. It is recommended to avoid salt consumption, caffeine, additives, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and sugar; all these are potential toxins that can affect the functioning of the body.