Adorn your body with original angel tattoos


Tattooing has become one of the most popular forms of art for it enables each one of us to adorn our bodies with designs tat represent out beliefs, interests and personality. They help us stand out and make a difference, although many people are still reluctant to the idea of getting a tattoo and they perceive this just as a sign of rebellion. This body art is very flexible and has something to offer to each and every tattoo lover who has the courage to express himself and depict the elements that are highly representative for him as an individual. There may be an extremely varied range of designs and symbols available for tattoo enthusiasts but angel tattoo designs are some of the most popular but also cross with wings tattoo designs. Angel tattoos represent the first choice for numerous men and women from all over the world for they have many special meanings and representations.

Before deciding to get a tattoo, we advise you to visit a skin care forum and get some information about the dangers of getting a tattoo as well as about the proper way to take care of your skin after getting a tattoo. Skin care forums contain a lot of useful information and you can even get some personal advice from people who have gone through the tattoo recovery process or who experiences skin problems after getting a tattoo. However, if you do decide to get a tattoo, you should know that angel tattoos are amongst the most popular models for women as well as for men.

The interesting thing is that angel tattoo designs have been around for centuries and their approach has changed greatly over the time. Unfortunately, many designs have been lost in time or destroyed by church during the dark periods of history. It is a fact that angels are very controversial symbols, almost as controversial as the symbol of the cross. After all, whether they are good or bad, angels are spiritual creatures, whose existence is the result of  the God’s will. Angel tattoos have many special meanings for they exist to worship God or the Devil; howsoever, they are superior to humans. A noticeable aspect in regard to most angel tattoo designs is the fact that angels are usually thought of as men-like, with a halo that indicated their divine nature and wings. They also carry different elements such as white robes, harps, trumpets, swords or bows with arrows. These elements influence greatly the meanings behind angel tattoos so you should run a strong research before making a decision regarding a particular design. That’s why in many cases people also choose to get a beautiful cross with wings tattoo design on their back.

Angel tattoos can be a symbol for good with all its overtones: protection and safety, spirituality and faith, love and peace, devotion and dignity and all the other things that God appreciates. Contrastingly, there are many angel tattoo designs that depict fallen angels which are associated with Satan and Hell. They are a symbol of rebellion, self-banishment, anti-spiritual awakening or a breaking with the oppressive norms of the religion, and particularly the church. If the angels represent the heavenly understanding, the fallen angels symbolize the worldly understanding. The interesting thing is that many angel tattoos are inspired by the variety of Tarot symbols. In this case, angels are messengers between between the two realms and they do not protect, they only inform. Although they are divine creatures, they are not necessary good messengers for they could also bring a warning regarding a disaster.

Given the flexibility of angel tattoo designs, you have great chances to get an unique drawing inked on your skin. An expert tattoo artist will understand your beliefs and perspective and will create a state-of-the-art of representation of your personal  statement.