Advice on how to learn digital art


Due to the fact that the 21st century is based on a rapid technological development, various aspects of our lives have been adapted in order to keep up with current technology trends. Such is the case of the visual art domain that nowadays also includes digital art. This type of art can include 3-dimensional pictures, animations, fractal designs, photo manipulation, stereoscopy as well as a few other categories. While this art is based on using digital technology, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a computer wizard in order to create beautiful art. There are a lot of programs that facilitate the creative process. If you are wondering how to learn digital art we have a few pieces of advice for you.

Due to the fact that digital art is a descendent of traditional art, it is important to master classic drawing and painting techniques in order to be able to apply them to the digital technology. Despite that fact that there are certain new technology software programs which allow the user to create random designs which are visually pleasant, true art requires technique. Visualizing objects in space as well as having a thorough understanding of the human anatomy are essential to quality designs. Most types of digital pictures are based on a classic sketch that is used as a foundation for future color and texture layers. If you are looking for a few easy instructions for how to learn digital art you will be deeply disappointed. This type of art as many others requires passion and dedication.

Once you have mastered the basic concepts of traditional art you can move on to using professional software for digital art. The most common tool used for pictures is Photoshop. This amazing software has a lot of features that allow you to unleash your creativity into creating unique designs. However mastering this program can take months or even years. After all, the skill level is what sets a professional apart from an amateur. But have no fear because the internet is an endless supply of information. Various tutorials provide step by step instructions that teach you how to use all the tools of this advanced software.

Other than digital painting and photo manipulation, another type of art has conquered the hearts of young artist. Fractal art is definitely a type of modern art. It is based on unique shapes and vibrant colors. Furthermore this art implies a spontaneous creation that is not limited by techniques. Although a professional fractal artist is capable of creating pictures that resemble real shapes, reproducing is not part of this creative project as inspiration often comes from one’s own imagination and color accidents can have a beautiful result. Fractal art is based on mathematical principles but the artist doesn’t need to know these principles due to the fact that they are automatically generated by specific software such as Fractal Explorer or Chaos Pro.

There are many other types of digital arts, various software and countless tutorials but if you are passionate about art you will quickly master a lot of software features and techniques. Despite the fact that most people believe that all types of new technology are worthless from an artistic point of view, they are mere tools and the way that the artists uses them determines the value of an art piece. If you are still wondering about how to learn digital art just browse the web for digital art and choose the one that you find most suited for you. Once you have done so download the appropriate software, watch some basic tutorials and get busy.