Air Sketch is an Essential Presentation Tool


If you did now know that by now the Air Sketch is an essential presentation tool, you will love it when you have to do you presentations. Take the example of a sales presentation, after you have finished there are a lot of people that will want to ask questions. During the question and answer time period you will probably want to take notes. Why use a piece of paper to take notes, one that you can lose, when you can write down your ideas and notes directly on the presentation. You have the possibility to have your own white board with the help of the Air Sketch.

The great part about this iPad app is that you can have your white board wireless. The first thing you have to do when you open the Air Sketch is to go to the website´s address and look for HTML5 compatible with web browsers hat you can use. The moment you write on your iPad what you wrote will appear in that web browser. This is great because you will add content of change content in real time. The good thing is that you do not need any additional software’s in order to use the Air Sketch.

You can connect your computer or you laptop to the projector and start the presentation. While you are presenting you can walk around the room and use you table to make any changes needed. You can do that because the tablet is connected wireless to the presentation. This iPad app can be very useful at school where teachers always need to make changes and modifications so that the children understand better.

You can also use the Air Sketch to draw because you have a pen, a marker and a lot of styles available. One amazing thing is that if you double tap one color your present color will pop up and you do not have to select you color for each page. Other menus available for your presentation are the undo and redo which will come in very handy if you are the type of person who wants perfection.

We hope that we have convinced you that Air Sketch is an essential presentation tool because it is. You can get it by going online on iTunes and download it from there. The iPad app is not as cheap as you would think, it is 9.99 $ but it is a fare price for what it can do.