American Pitbull Terrier


Breed History
In 1835 the British Parliament banned by law bullfight, some bloody games in which dogs were trained in bullfighting and were brought for sale in markets, these games with more than a sense of sacrifice where dogs cling to the bull nose and remained there until the animal yield. Once banned these struggles, bulldog breeders who appreciated fearlessness, courage and tenacity of these dogs have turned their attention to fighting dogs, because requiring less space for development and they were hardly detectable law people. They started by Bulldog cross a few lines of terriers and obtained a first version and the Staffordshire terrier bullterrier. These dogs were bred for aggression against other dogs, resistance to pain, the power to fight to the death and they had great affection for people. Then towards the end of last century, English law tightened sanctions against offenders, America became the main center of selection of dogs to fight. The closest ancestors of Pitbull were the Blue Paul Terriers and the Staffordshire Terriers when USA first imported from England in the mid ninth century. An American canine club called UKC (United Kennel Club) has combined these Terriers with other breeds (Dalmatian) to enhance the mobility and elasticity. Thus new dog named Pitbull Terrier result in 1898. This Pitbull Picture was in fact often used along time for advertising various products (shoes, phonograph, even jeans Levi’s-1914). Another American Kennel Club AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized it find Chinologoca International Federation, admitted in 1936 under the name Staffordshire Terrier Pitbull Terrier, after the region where these dogs were brought from England. American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull terrier breeds are two distinct and should not be confused with one another.

Breed Profile

The American pitbull terrier is an athletic, mobile, adaptable, affectionate, dog that is always eager to make his master happy; a dog that many consider him the family dog. Courage, determination and perseverance are the key traits of pitbulului. Even though he was raised to excel in combat with other dogs, there are many people who say and demonstrate that a well-grown Pitbull has a strong temperament steadfast and contrary to popular belief, is not aggressive with humans from birth. However some pitbuls may be suspicious with stranger’s and protect their owners. Although breeder’s selected dogs after their performance in battle for quite a long time, many breeding clubs and associations advocate the spread of other criteria of evaluation: standards and / or physical performance in line with true sports. Every Pitbull is born an athlete very eager to make his master happy. Because his power and vigor it has won great popularity in recent years in the pulling competitions (pulling weight). In these competitions, the dogs of same weight compete against each other, pulling carts with weights on a certain distance. Tractors weight gradually increased to determine a winner. Currently holds world records pitbull in all categories of the sport. Agilty is another sport where we encounter frequently Pitbull competition law.

Pitbull Terrier Standard (UKC)

General appearance
: you have to give the impression of a great strength for his size. This dog is well bound, muscular, but agile and graceful, always aware of what is happening around him. This dog is obedient, intelligent, who can be trained to live in peace with other dogs. He’s head has medium length, its shape is similar to bricks Aune. It is flat and broad between ears, with prominent cheekbones and no wrinkles. The muzzle is square, big and wide. The well pronounced jaws, express force. The bite is as scissors, the nose nostrils are wide open. All colors are accepted. Eyes are round, far apart and place the base of the skull. All colors are accepted. Ears: cropped or natural. He’s neck is muscular, slightly arched, without excess skin, conical. The body is short and strong, tapering slightly from withers to croup. The chest is deep, not too wide, with ribs broad, close, well arched. His limbs are Strong, with round bone. Pastern must be right. Feet should be very powerful medium. Thighs long, well developed muscles, allowing him to move easy and agile, not swinging. He’s hair is short and harsh but shiny with all color pigments being accepted. It is preferable that females have a weight between 13.5 and 23 kg, and males weight varies between 16 and 27 kg.

American Pitbull Terrier Pictures