Anti Aging Laser Treatments


Anti aging laser treatments can rejuvenate the skin by using targeted beams of light that destroy the damaged skin cells, while the surrounding tissue is not affected. Advanced laser technology can even stimulate the body`s natural production of collagen so that younger-looking skin to grow. It is important to resort to the services of a professional skin care Toronto technician with experience in providing anti aging laser treatment to ensure excellent results from the start.


A health news says that are many types of anti aging laser treatments, ranging from less invasive to more invasive. For example, the patient can undergo a non invasive laser treatment in a lunch hour then go back to work, while having a more invasive procedure can lead to a significant recovery time. You should explore all your alternatives and options, before making a choice, because certain treatments are more suitable than other are. Depending on your skin tone and health, technicians specializing in skin care in Toronto can recommend a certain type of treatment.

Non-ablative anti aging laser treatments usually treat early aging wrinkles such as fine lines, while they do not involve any recovery time. On the other hand, ablative laser treatments are used for severe skin aging and they generate a visible wound as the upper skin layers are removed. New skin grows within two to four weeks over the treated area, but during this time the patient has to deal with redness and swelling. Fortunately, the latest ablative devices are not so invasive and the healing time shortens.

The type of laser used makes anti aging laser treatments differ from one other, but there are some resemblances. First, the skin area is cleansed. Topical anesthesia may be required and the patient has to wear protective glasses. The dermatologist handles a laser device above the skin in order to treat the targeted area. After this procedure, patients may face temporary pain, bruising, blistering, crusting, or redness. For reducing swelling, ice packs can be applied. In addition, post-operative skin care should be recommended to patients.

Anti aging laser treatments can make aged skin look younger, but do not expect the effects of a face lift. The results are not instant, so the patient will notice them within six months after a series of three to six treatments in case of fractional laser resurfacing. It is also good to know that results vary from person to person.

The most common side effect of anti aging laser treatments is excessive darkening or lightening of skin in the treated area. This can be temporary, but also permanent. Other side effects are secondary skin infection and risk of scarring, but the chances for these to happen are very small. In fact, laser procedures lead to fewer side effects than other skin resurfacing treatments.

Before the procedure, patients should inform their dermatologists if they have experienced impaired wound healing, a tendency to scar, blood-clotting issues, an infectious disease (hepatitis or HIV), or a cosmetic procedure. Patients should also tell if they have taken isotretinoin, a medication prescribed for treating acne. Do not undergo any laser treatment if you have not consulted a certified dermatologist.