Audi A2 Concept


Audi A2 comes back on the auto’s stage, being presented to Frankfurt Auto Show 2011 by a concept which has the same name. As the specialists anticipated, A2 is an electric car and wants to compete with BMW i3 model.

Audi A2 is part of the German’s manufacturer products beginning with 2000, being a bold car in what concern the technical aspect; but the high price made from this car a commercial failure, so, till now, German’s people did not think to a follower.

As the electric BMW car, Audi A2 looks like a bigger Audi A1, special thought for family men. In what concern the size Audi A2 is a direct enemy for BMW i3, but stylistic, the car is simple and pragmatic, while i3 looks more futuristic.

One can see that the modern and aggressive style adopted by the Audi in the last time is, to Audi A2, a little bit tame, the car has a youthful look, but also very weighty. To this concept, Audi will use a new matrix-beam LED technology, which means a combination that involves the micro reflector LED, the headlights generating a strong light, but this is not distressing. Additionally, the fog’s tail lights are using laser diodes, which are drawing up on the road a red triangle, in this way the people which are driving behind you are noticed.

Inside, Audi A2 continues the idea of simplicity and pragmatism, but in the same time the gadgets can “breath”, condensate board equipment, the hand wheel has a special design and little central display make you observe that the car has a sophisticated technology, despite the simple aspect of the binnacle, also a little bit casual – while BMW i3 offers an universe more grandiose, even if the central idea is also the minimization of the control.

The driver can benefit of an ergonomics that brought a lot of studies. The cockpit of the driver is separated in an innovative way with the help of a curved central bracket. The indicators were replaced by a huge display which has a lot of functions, starting with GPS and also Facebook. The last function can be a problem if the driver is chatting on Facebok with the friends and can con pay so much attention driving the car.

These are all the details we know about the concept of Audi A2, but we are nervous to see all the news that Frankfurt Auto Show bring us this year.


Audi A2 Concept Picture Gallery

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