Avoid being awkward: how to reconnect with an old friend


Friends are indispensable. They inspire you to achieve your objectives in life and advance in your career, they help you rediscover yourself and gain a different perspective on the world, they influence you to develop vital life skills and give you a state of general happiness. Friendship starts in childhood takes shape in adolescence and can continue to last until the end of time or it can start to fade over the years. Whether because of arguments that lead to frustration, different goals or interests that are out of their control, age difference, which does not seem important at the beginning but starts causing problems later on due to the level of maturity of each side, marriage, which demands involvement thus taking up the time spent with that funny and dear friend, distance or relocation leading to less often interactions or simply no longer enjoying the other person’s company, friends grow apart, as emotionally painful at it is. Some friends end up walking down completely different paths and never see each other again while others reconnect after some time.

Stop worrying about details when picturing your reunion

In some cases, people who used to be good friends in the past separated due to special circumstances, but they did not forget about each other. Even more, the idea of reconnecting has always been in the back of their mind, but for some reason, they never managed to make it come true. If you are part of this category, then you probably tried to envision your first meeting too many times and you realized that holding back the tears would be impossible because of the overwhelming emotions torturing your soul. Of course, such tears can only express happiness that you found each other and hope that you will never lose touch again. The main problem in such situations is that, even though you are well aware that the other person longs for the same thing, you do not find the courage to make the first move. Taking into account all the years apart, you now wonder how much your friend has changed, if he or she still remembers your habits, your favorite pastime and your secret place, if you are going to experience that awkward silence that usually creeps in on a first date. A million thoughts are running through your head.

Technology makes the reconnection possible

Well, you can avoid being awkward by being yourself, if this represents your biggest fear. However, if your friend truly knows and understand you, then you should not worry about such trivial details. Instead, you should try to enjoy the moment to the maximum. After all, it will soon become one of the most cherished memories in your life but a question still lingers: how do you actually contact your long-lost friend? You do not have an address, a phone number or a clue about his or her wanderings. The good news is that, since we live in a modern society focused almost completely on technology, people search has become more than possible and quite common. It does not matter if you want to find a relative, an acquaintance or a friend; all you have to do is know their first and last name and this will get you the much-needed information. This means that you will have to take the first step towards reviving the friendship, reach out to your dear friend in the right way, show your initiative of strengthening the connection and establish the first meeting after a long period to recall fond memories together.

How to rekindle the old friendship without seeming desperate

Whether you decide to reach out to mutual acquaintances, resort to using a public database, attend class reunions, navigate social media platforms or even hire a private detective if you afford it and it becomes necessary, in the end, you will be able to discover the whereabouts of your old companion. Nevertheless, you might still wonder: how do I reconnect with my old friend after I find his or her contact details? You have many options available to rekindle the old friendship: you can send an inviting message without being obtrusive or desperate or a meaningful letter where you can express your desire of reuniting after such a long time, you can start frequenting the same places in hopes that you will run into each other or call him or her directly in order to get a concrete answer. In order to avoid the natural awkwardness when seeing each other, you should display a positive attitude, address past conflicts in a polite manner, revise your expectations, do not make assumptions about the actual life of your old friend, do not hesitate to ask questions but make sure that you do not cross the limit and ease the tension in the air with a drink.