Baby shower favors


With some creativity and after having done some research, you will obtain the best baby shower favors for your party! If you are smart enough, you will notice that there are some favors that need little time to be made. Favors are gifts given to your guests after the party is over that are supposed to remind them of the baby shower and that will put a mark on your event. It is a way of thanking them and appreciating their effort to come and take part into your baby shower.

We suggest you to ask your relatives or acquaintances whether they are used to offering or receiving baby shower favors, because this custom is not widespread all over the world. In case it is not common to the place you live in, you can feel happy because you have just saved up some money for the baby shower. However, if you feel better to offer these baby shower favors no matter the custom might be, you are free to do it!

Sometimes the etiquette can save you not only with money, but also with the amount of time you pay for every single detail.  For example, think of how old the guests are and the way they prefer to spend their free time. Maybe they are very organized and have everything planned or they simply prefer to live every single moment as if they had nothing planned. Take a moment to think of this aspect and make sure the theme of the favor will be suitable with their lifestyle.

In case you would like to offer some cookies as baby shower favors, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Who doesn’t like cookies and who would feel offended if he gets one? If the guests are keeping diets or dislike candies, their child will definitely be happy with your gift. The same idea can be used for personalized wedding favors, except you could write the name of each guest in glazing, so they each feel special and cared for.

However, as a baby shower favor, you could choose anything from the followings: candies, chocolate roses, Washcloth lollipops or washcloth bunnies, baby bootie cups or candy pacifiers. Maybe you prefer having soaps or Rice Crispy Flowers, Candles or even Kleenex Bootie Cups. Let your imagine surprise you and your guests and feel free to choose whatever you feel would fit best to your baby shower. After all, it’s just a party and it is organized by you! Good luck!