Baby Shower Gift Ideas


A baby shower is always a source of fun but in the meantime, it can be a great occasion to receive some gifts that can be part of your stuff for the newborn. You can receive diapers, clothes, toys and everything you have to buy for your new child, but this type of party could help you combine useful with pleasant. You can also be more original with your gifts and offer something for the new mommy as well, like some hair care or skin care products, seeing how she won’t have so much time to take care of her appearance.

We decided to make a list with some of the most appropriate baby shower gift ideas. We will start with suggesting you buy some baby wraps. It is said that one never has enough wraps because every single one is special in its own way. Think of having a double sized wrap and made from a smooth material!

The most practical baby shower gift idea is by far the baby monitor. If you want to be even more practical, you can forget the classic baby monitor and go for an indoor security camera system. Such a system is more useful than a baby monitor as it comes with modern features and great video and audio quality. A good security camera system will even allow the parents to monitor the baby if they are away from home. They simply connect it to their smartphone and use the system remotely.

Another one of our baby shower gift ideas refers to “Itzbeen baby timer”. It helps you note down when you feed your baby last time, how long you let him sleep and it also allows you share this data with the others members of the family. I am sure you would not like your child to be feed twice because you forgot to tell your sister not to feed him because you already did it.

A toolbox organizer could also be useful for the new parents because it works like a support for them in which they can put diapers, toys, medicines and everything they need. Creams or cotton balls can be put there and its aspect is nice and charming.

On the other hand, you can feel free to look for a “Flatout Bear”, made of Australian sheepskin. You will love its plush and natural material. It is not difficult to take care of such a toy and it is hand wash.

Baby shower gift ideas also include “Nest portable toy bags”. In this way your child will have a bag for all his favorite toys and clothes, all gathered into a single place. It is a source of organizing his things and teaching him to keep his room into order. When you are planning to go somewhere, you can simply take the toy bag and you know that you have there everything you want.

Our last baby shower gift ideas are “Lalapanzi Foldable Moses Basket” and “The Nappy Wrapper”. The first one is like a portable bed that you can move from grandma to aunts and your house. It is comfortable and easy to carry. The latter is a nappy disposal system that seals all the smells you dislike!