Baby shower themes for girls


A baby shower is more attractive when you already know the gender of the new baby. It offers you clues about the decorations you have to use, the invitations you have to draw and the location you should look for. On the other hand, it brings you some useful advice about the most suitable baby shower themes for girls or boys, depending on every situation.

As a future parent, I am sure you want to offer to your daughter the best party welcome in the world and you are ready to take care of every single detail in order to show how proud you are of this gift from God.

There is nothing more precious that your little girl and you have to make it clear to everyone, even before she comes into the world. You are to choose between traditional, classy or modern baby shower themes for girls and in case you already heard of ‘Nursery Toile’ or ‘Tickled Pink’, you should get inspired from them.

In order to choose the perfect theme for your baby shower, you have to look first to the style of the new mother. Look for her favorite colors, materials and in case you have no idea about these, ask for a close friend to help you. In general, baby shower themes for girls are specific to pink or lavender and these can be easily combined with any other strong colors you may want to add. These solid colors could be chosen for the decorations you are willing to bring or the gifts you would like to receive. According to the theme you have picked up, the guests will come with presents that support your idea.

When I say decorations, I refer to balloons and streamers and favors to offer to the guests as a ‘Thank you’ mark. For example, the ‘Nursery Toile Girl’ is a traditional theme that places in the middle of the party the idea of childhood. Basically, everyone feels once again the joy of being a child, while listening to nursery rhymes and songs.

The list goes on with numerous baby shower themes for girls, but I suggest you to customize your party as well as you know and avoid applying the same patterns in your event. After all, every baby shower is special in its own manner and it would be a pity not to feel free to organize everything according to your imagination and style.