Baby shower themes


When we hear of planning a party, almost everyone looks for a way to escape from taking over the responsibility of organizing everything. The truth is that nobody should be afraid or reluctant to planning it, because if you know how to put your ideas into practice, you will discover how easy and entertaining it is to have a baby shower.

There are women who are creative thanks to their natural being and choosing the perfect baby shower theme for their party could be a pleasure rather than an obligation. However, for those of you who find it difficult to find the best baby shower themes, we have prepared some advice and some good encouraging words to help you cope with this difficult task.

One important tip is to look for a common theme, because it will allow you add everything you want as you carry on planning your party. Simplicity is sometimes more useful that opulence and a multitude of unnecessary elements.

If you really want to impress your guests, you can feel free to do it with the games you use or the music you are going to choose, rather than the theme you are about to follow. As an organizer, you have the right to choose whatever you prefer, make the combinations you want and nobody is supposed to influence your choices without your consent. After all, the final product depends on you and your ability to make things fit.

Our advice is to give up boring themes that everybody is accustomed to and nobody wants to see them anymore. Look for an exploring theme, that spreads over food, games and the people you have invited. Think of the jungle or of a corner somewhere on an island.

Among the most popular baby shower themes, there are: ‘Teddy Bear’s Tea Party’, ‘Nursery Rhymes’ or simply ‘Books’. The first theme we have mentioned refers to customizing the baby shower with bears. The gifts brought by the guests have to be bears, books related to bears, food preferred by the bears and so on.

The second idea is to place the toys you have into an order that reminds you of a story. This should be told into rhymes and the more rhymes you have, the funnier the theme will be. As far as the ‘Book’ theme is concerned, ask your guests to come up with their favorite books or anything that has a connection with the most important events in their lives.