Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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A person spends at least 30 minutes a day in the bathroom. Everything should be pleasurable to the senses in this retreat so the mind and body can relax. Transform your bathroom into an invigorating space with these simple bathroom decorating ideas:

  • Lighting

Natural light is your ally. Make sure your bathroom has large windows decorated with curtains. Choose an achromatic color scheme for a tranquilizing space. Place some aromatherapy candles around the tub and light them at night.

  • Space

Save space in your bathroom with a sliding door that is compact and convenient. Place your bathroom products into adorned canisters and store them on narrow wall shelves. You can use baskets for some extra storage room and even add a storage panel within a fitted bath that will keep cleaning items hidden. One of the most interesting decorating ideas is the mirror-on-mirror trick. Hang a large mirror on the wall and place a smaller frame in the middle. This will make the room seem more spacious and luminous.

  • Unwanted pipes

Aspects of plumbing like the pipes under a sink and water drains can ruin the bathroom design. With some cheap camouflage you can keep the pipes out of sight. Place open cabinets with removable panels below the sink. You can wrap other unaesthetic plumbing by wrapping it with a stem of artificial flowers.

  • Vanities

Every bathroom needs vanities to shine. Either you decide to replace your vanity or restore the old one, include a place to sit and some electrical outlets. This way you can apply makeup or style the hair while sitting down.

  • Color scheme

If you choose a neutral scheme, keep the shades soft and natural. Furniture with clean lines will brighten up the room and create a feeling of space. Other great bathroom decorating ideas are a black and white look with checked floor tiles or an all black tile scheme. If this is too much for you consider blue tile or just a border of turquoise tile placed above beige foot-square slates. Introduce pops of color with vivid towels. For a bold bathroom, paint a wall red or green.

  • Go vintage

A vintage powder room can be created by installing classic paneling on the walls. Choose a pastel shade and browse items in antique shops, like vintage mirrors and accessories. Use a vintage crate to store towels.

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