Beaver’s Revenge


In 2012 a great app for your iPad was launched the Beaver’s Revenge which is predicted to be a smashing success. This app stands out due to the amazing graphics that look incredible if you have an iPad 2. The design of the game is similar to the one of Angry Birds so if you liked that one you will enjoy this one. To get a glimpse of the game go online and watch the demo video and look at the screenshots.

In the Beaver’s Revenge game the player has to project a lot of things such as: rabbits, fish and beehives on the right sight of the screen. It really is one of the best fun games to play on Android devices on the current market, as you are about to find out.

For starters, you have the possibility to choose what projectile you want. On the other side if the screens there are the lumberjacks and the beaver hurls that try to intervene in the lumberjack´s work. You will enjoy seeing how fish fly when you project them, how you can activate a bomb on a rabbit by tapping him when he is in the air or by detonating a beehive as soon as you project it. The funniest arm you can use is the skunk which will spray its stuff if you tap it when it is in the air.

As you advance in the game and stop lumberjacks from their work the levels get harder and harder. If you want to relax and play a game you should consider the Beaver’s Revenge because it is easy to play, the design is great and we guarantee that it will keep you glued to your iPad for at least an hour. You can download it online from iTunes with just 0.99 $. So if you were looking for fun games to play, this should definitely go on your list and we’re confident that most people who like this kind of game will enjoy it.

This is the game Beaver’s Revenge, an app which has been launched this year and has impressed a lot of critics. The game is very similar to the Angry Bird game, actually it is so much alike because of the graphics used when creating it. If you have children you can give them to play this game and they will enjoy it. Like most apps which were launched at the beginning of this year we are sure that the Beaver’s Revenge will have the same success. It has received a lot of positive reviews so far and the number of downloads is quite large. If you download Beaver’s Revenge you will need an iPad 2 if you want to see the game in all its glory. However, today you also have the possibility of downloading and installing android apps for PC as well, with software such as Bluestacks; that way, you can play or use your favorite games or apps on any device you like, anywhere you are.

Of course, some people prefer to play on their computers more complex games. League of Legends is one the most popular these days because it offers players the possibility of interacting with other people while enjoying the great LoL skins that are available in this game. Beaver’s Revenge was designed for people who prefer to play on their phones and it is a great choice for that, but those who are interested in computer games are far more likely to choose LoL.