Benefits of Using an Infrared Heater


You decide yourself if you want to use your infrared wall heater as a decorative object or if you want to subtly integrate into the design of your room. In addition to the many features of the design, the heater itself is incomparable. Infrared heaters have many advantages over other heating methods. Here are some of the most important benefits of using an infrared heater for your home.

How does an infrared heater work

The infrared heater produces heat through long infrared rays. Unlike other heaters, the infrared heater does not heat the air, but walls, objects and people, that is to say, it heats by radiation. Its operation is therefore opposed to that of the conventional electric heater. As you will discover further in this article, an infrared heater is highly beneficial for your home.

Advantages of using an infrared heater

The infrared heater has many advantages in terms of efficiency, comfort, practicality, economic and environmental benefits and health.

    • The best infrared heater should be very efficient and comfortable to use: The heat should be produced almost instantaneously and the device should offer a quiet and subtle operation. This type of heater is a silent device so you can continue with your daily activities, while the infrared heater provides heat.
    • The infrared radiator is the ideal solution for high ceiling rooms: it does not heat the air, which otherwise will be stored in the height without maintaining the warm room; insteadm it heats up the walls, furniture and people.
    • This radiator comes in handy: It simply plugs into the power grid and depending on the model, it can be wall-mounted, suspended or placed on foot. Also, it requires no maintenance work.
    • The best infrared heater models incorporate motion sensors and light up once a person is present.
    • It is economical: It can heat to a temperature slightly below while having a comfort equal or even superior to that of a conventional electric heater. However, a low degree of temperature allows a saving of energy of 6 to 7%! It consumes an average of 60 W / m², against 100 W / m² for conventional radiators.
    • This radiator is a healthy heating system mode: It does not cause air circulation so it doesn’t lead to proliferation of dust or mites(ideal for people with asthma). Because it heats walls, the infrared system sanitize and fights against humidity.
    • The use of an infrared radiator is also beneficial for the environment: It does not burn oxygen and therefore it doesn’t emits any CO2. Also, at the end of the day you will have a lower energy bill: the electricity consumption is almost entirely converted into infrared rays.