Best 2016 Activity Trackers


An activity tracker is a perfect option for any minor or major fitness goal, including losing weight, keeping fit and even training for a triathlon. Nowadays, plenty of people are using this gadget due to its great benefits. For example, it is able to measure your performance constantly and to track your daily activities. Moreover, it is an amazing item for beginners in the fitness and health sector and people who do not exercise regularly. As such, if you are thinking about buying a fitness tracker, we have gathered for you the best 2016 activity trackers.

Fitbit Zip

If you are thinking about buying a cheap activity tracker, now it’s time to try the FitBit Zip. This fitness tracker can measure your distance traveled and estimate your calories burned. Moreover, it has come with an amazing design and a lot of fun colors. You can clip it onto your clothing or you can just wear it into a pocket. Furthermore, its LCD display allows you to check your progress without firing up the app on your smartphone. However, you have to know that you won’t get an altimeter which can help you measure the number of stairs you have climbed or a sleep tracking. Actually, you should know that a FitBip Zip is ideal for someone who want to join the life-logging brigade, but he can’t spend more than $80 on an activity tracker. This has only the basic features without a sleep tracking or a stair-tracking feature.

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2 is a perfect tool for the running, cycling, gym, counting steps and even for tracking sleep. Most fitness enthusiasts are opting for this intelligent bracelet because they can check their activity and they can also see the calories burned. Moreover, the Microsoft Band 2 is a powerful and versatile activity tracking which looks much better than v1 Band. It comes with a great design and provides you with a better screen and greater comfort than the first Microsoft Band. Furthermore, it has a barometer which measures altitude and tracks stairs and hills climbed an accurate optical heart rate sensor, GPS, ambient light sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, skin temperature sensor, gyroscope, UV sensor, a capacitive sensor and a galvanic skin response sensor. However, you should know that it’s quite expensive and it has a short battery life.

Jawbone UP3

The Jawbone UP3 comes with an impressive design and a lot of features and sensors. Most people are choosing this type of bracelet due to its compatibility with Android and iOS. Moreover, it has an impressive UP app and a good sleep tracking. Additionally, the Jawbone UP3 has a remarkable battery life, so you can use it for almost 7 days. On the other hand, the charging mechanism is a bit too complicated and it also has some sensors under-utilized. Anyway, if you are thinking about buying a Jawbone UP3, you will make a good choice, because it is a comfortable gadget which can help you measure your activity.