Best Rated Knife Sharpening Systems

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If your kitchen knives are starting to lose their sharpness, throwing them away and buying new ones is not the answer. What you have to do is get the best knife sharpening system that will manage to offer your knives a brand new sharp blade without damaging it. The following two models are the best-rated versions that can handle any type of knife, regardless how dull it has become.

Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle-Select Diamond Hone Sharpener

This knife sharpening system is, by far, the best option with the highest popularity even among top chefs around the world. Being a versatile model, it is able to sharpen both Japanese and European knives and the advanced spring-guided system it uses makes sure the blade stays at the perfect angle as it passes over the sharpening disk. The spring guides offer rapidity in sharpening blades at a consistent angle, being able to ensure precision and stability. As the name itself suggests, with this knife sharpening system you can choose from either a 15-degree angle for the Japanese knives or a 20-degree sharpening angle for the European knives, depending on the type of knife you want to sharpen. Not even the serrated blades can fight the diamond abrasives on this powerful and efficient system. Thanks to the honing stage, you ensure regular maintenance for your new knives that only require a little polishing. The original price of this unit was $260, but you can enjoy a generous discount that lowers the price down to $160 so you have this knife sharpener at home at a more reasonable price.

Smith’s 50281 Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

For $179, you can opt for this knife sharpening system that can offer an impressive performance with its multiple settings and features. What makes this model really unique is the freedom in adjusting the sharpening angle, and not just to two levels as the previous model, but anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees. You can do this due to the dial on the top so you can maintain the factory angle of any of your knives. The sharpening wheels are made of diamond and ceramic so you can adjust the sharpening to any type of blade and maintain the proper pressure on both sides of the blade. Another innovative feature is the manual sharpening slot for serrated blades so you can keep them in perfect condition without damaging the blades. The only thing you have to keep in mind when using this knife sharpener is not to sharpen ceramic blades.