Best web directories in 2018


When it comes to digital marketing strategies and tools, web directories remain one of the preferred options for many types of businesses, enterprises and organization. Considering the simplicity revolving around web listing, together with affordability and undeniable effectiveness, it’s understandable why so many businesses today still rely on this method to move forward and access their desired level of awareness.  With the popularity of advertising through directory listing increasing, the number of web directories available has also grown significantly, making it a bit difficult for you to decide on the most suitable option. While there might be numerous offers available, researching the most reliable options before making your decision is advised. According to the latest tops, in 2018, the following directories stand as most user-friendly and effective:  

Aviva Directory

Being founded in the year 2005, Aviva Directory has managed to grow at a fast pace, and is somehow standing as one powerful choices for end users and website owners, enabling easy access to information as well as effective advertising possibilities What sets Aviva apart from other similar directories available on the web is the blog section this platform comes with, which is separated from the rest of the listing. This specific feature allows websites that are actually focused on content and are seeking either subscribers or readers to be separated from those that are trying to sell a certain service or product, which simplifies thins on both ends of the spectrum. Regardless of the type of online platform you are interested in listing, Aviva will be able to support you.


Considering the on-growing list of web directories out there, it might seem hard to actually discover the ones worth your attention. However, among all the best web directories tops, you will come across BOTW. Why BOTW? Due to the specified listings presented to visitors. Besides the primary general web directory which can be found on any other similar platform. BOTW focuses on UK specific ones, as well as local directory, aspect that comes as a plus for many site owners that have more personalized listing requirements and target a certain range of users. Being launched in 1994, you shouldn’t have doubts regarding this directory efficiency, and can feel safe in utilizing its services.

Jasmine Directory

Practically making a name for itself, Jasmine Directory has benefited from a powerful, easily noticeable growth along the years, and remains one of the best web directories out there. It was first founded in 2009, and has managed to reach impressive development since then, mainly to the strong principles followed and appealing support provided to web owner and end users. What’s remarkable about this specific web directory is its standards, which follow a human edited principle involving no automatic submissions, something you are not able to say about the majority of other web directors available. Those behind Jasmine Director are always hand picking sites, so the quality of their listings can reach undeniable heights. For you to easily separate the sites that are submitted by owners directly from those that are analyses hand picked by editors, you will come across specific labels that differentiate those listings. This means, if you are a website owner and are trying to get your platform listed, you can be certain that you inspire trust and reliability in visitors. Jasmine Directory aims to help businesses gain the acknowledgment and brand credibility desired, and all the resources necessary to meet those goals are being used on the regular. 

Alive Directory

Alive Directory has prioritized the quality of its site listings since day one, this being the reason why the editors have decide to allow only editorial oversight. Besides the general industry categories that can incorporate your website listing, you have access to more specific categories as well, which are built following details such as geographic region. If you want to reach out to a specific group of potential consumers, Alive Directory will grant you exactly that possibility. You can check their website to understand better the listing customization facilitate by Alive.


One last, but equally reliable choice is Jayde. Jayde makes a great option for those with a bit more expertise on the topic due to its longevity. It’s one of the first directories ever created, which has first started out as a B2B resource. What makes Jayde even more appealing is the flexibility and versatility it has to offer. You will find a home for your site there, regardless of the type of service or product you may be offering.

What exactly makes a web directory a good option?

While you can rely on the option mentioned above to provide you with the marketing support you desire, if you want to look further into the subject, or to have some expertise in the future when analyzing a specific directory you have come across, knowing what makes a directory a good choice is recommended. So what exactly differentiate the reliable options for the less reliable ones? Usually, there are a few essential factors that you are advised to look for in 2018 in a web directory; high editorial standards, clearly explained listing benefits, marketing moves that target end users as well, and not website owner solely, advanced search tools, various payment gateways, responsive web design, SEO friendliness. These are the primary aspects that any directory that is worthy your attention should be characterized by, so make sure to analyze these details before choosing where to place your listing.

Whether you are running a small local business and wish to upgrade your marketing game in an affordable manner, or you are functioning in the automotive industry and require a brand image improvement and a boost in your online visibility, web directories could make the perfect answer for you. However, while online directory listing may work as advantageous advertising strategies, in order for you to actually access the full benefits promised by a listing, you should choose your web directory with care. In 2018, these seem to be the options that stand on the top of the list, as most popular.