Boeing 777


The wide-body passenger airliners were first used in 1970. The Boeing 747, the McDonnell Douglas Dc-10 and the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar were the pioneers of wide body airliners. Since then, multiple improvements have been made to this type of airliners. Nowadays the Boeing 777 is the largest twin-jet in the world. It was the first commercial aircraft to be design entirely on the computer and eight airlines contributes to its creation. With a capacity of 550 passengers, this aircraft is one of the precious jewels of the airline industry and one of Boeing’s best selling models.

The dimensions of this aircraft are very big thus explaining the big passenger capacity. With a 199’11” wingspan, a 209’1″ length and a 60’8″ it flies at a 37 000 ft high with an typical speed of 555 mph. The aircraft if preffered by many customers because although it can accommodate such a large amount of passengers it still has sufficient room so you don’t feel crowded. Furthermore the aircraft is equipped with the largest-diameter turbofan engines as well as a circular fuselage cross-section, a blade-shaped tail cone and six wheels on each main landing gear.

The two main attribute that characterize the Boeing aircraft is range and fuselage lengths. The last one is responsible for affecting the capacity of the aircraft ( passengers and cargo). There are various models of Boeing 777 and they fall under two main characteristic according to their nautical miles: A market (up to 4,200 nautical miles), B-market (6,000 nautical miles) and C-market( 7800 nautical miles). 777-200 is the standard size and the first A-market aircraft. The 777-200 ER was the B-market version, known for its gross weight. The 777-300 was designed for replacing older A-market aircrafts. It was designed in 1998 and in 2004 the ER model appeared that was much more appealing to customers. In 2005 the 777-200 LR was the commercial aircraft with the longest range in the world. It was so popular that it could connect almost any 2 airports in the world.. The 777-300ER is the B-market alternative of the 300. Last but not least the Boeing 777 Freighter was designed for Air France and it is an all-cargo version of the twin-jet.

When it comes to performance, the Boeing aircraft are amongst the safest and most productive in the world. Their popularity is also high among customers who feel safe in this titanic airliners.

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