Boucheron Crazy Jungle Flamingo Watch – Harmony of Jewels


As you have already been accustomed, the House of Boucheron comes up with a new product, a real jewelry that will take everyone’s interest. They are introducing the “Crazy Jungle Flamingo”, a watch that will conquer you as soon as you see it. It has something difficult to describe, but extremely appealing that will steal your eyes from the first sight.

The fabulous watch has an image of a flamingo. It leads your mind to the Egyptian People and the famous character Phoenix. If you look on the flamingo, you will notice the pink sapphires from the plumage. On a closer look you will be able to see the diamonds as well.

The watch also includes diamonds on the bezel and on the horns. The case is made of white gold and has 42 mm and is 11.10 mm thick. A glare-proofed sapphire crystal covers the face of the Boucheron Crazy Jungle Flamingo Watch.

The sapphire glass is up to 50 meters-under-water resistant and it is used for its back. The hours and the minutes are funnier due to the self-winding Girard-Perregaux GP 400 caliber movement. You can also benefit from the “Crazy Seconds” device that is installed into the Boucheron Crazy Jungle Flamingo watch and functions as the seconds pass by. It is funny and relaxing in the meantime and it offers you a beautiful picture when you notice you are in a big rush.

It helps you avoid getting nervous and irritated, due to the time that goes by and put obstacles into your plans. This beautiful watch has specially been created in order to challenge your imagination and to help you see the things in a different manner.

The price is not so high, the benefits are numerous and the model is unique. What else do you need in order to achieve it? Everybody needs a watch on their hands in order to keep in touch with the time. The design of your watch counts a lot, as it is responsible with changing your mood in a positive manner and giving you a sense of confidence and optimism. Diamonds and white gold are precious materials that are not worn by everyone. You need a certain position and personality in order to deserve them and to be a representative of them. Once you started to wear them on your body, your behavior has to reflect its richness and originality.