Bungee Jumping – A Ritual For Facing Your Fears


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport with a rather rich history. Although the passion for this activity started to spread around the 80s some people have been performing it for hundreds of years. Nowadays there are specific equipments used in order to ensure the safety of the jumper. However no matter how many people ensure you that this is a safe ride, the moment you jump you will be overwhelmed by an incredible adrenaline rush. The speed of the free fall, the sudden stop as well as the following bounces create a complex and unique experience. One thing you need to know about this sport is that it is not meant for the weak hearts.

Bungee jumping is probably one of the oldest extreme sports. Few people know that this sport started out as a ritual. There is no actual proof of the time when this ritual was developed but according to some theories it has been around since ancient times. There are various legends regarding the creation of this ritual. According to the Naghol tribe the first person who actually performed such a jump was a woman. She was trying to escape her husband so she tied herself to a vine and jumped of a cliff. Her husband did the same thing but he died whilst she managed to live. The Naghol tribe use a similar ritual in order to mark the time when boys become men. They construct a wood tower and use vines to jump. In 1950 a documentary was made about this ritual and so this activity was introduced to the modern life. Although nowadays people use a special equipment the principle is still the same. You need to face your fears.

Various bungee jumping platforms can be installed anywhere in the world. However the most spectacular experiences are the ones that take place in rocky mountain landscapes. Imagine being on top or a rock hundreds of feet off the ground. What can be more exhilarating than diving into the wild mountain landscape. Although this experience can be one of the most exciting ones in someone’s life, it is important to also understand the ricks of this endeavor. A lot of accidents have occurred due to inappropriate equipment. Furthermore some injuries have been produced even when everything was working well. So the real question is: Are you willing to take these chances in order to face your fears?