California Rehabilitation Center


Addiction to alcohol, hard drugs and prescribed medicine are some of the worst symptoms of modern society. In most parts of the world, drug addiction is treated like a legal, instead of a medical issue, but there are countries that try to help their citizens by offering support. The California Rehabilitation Center is an institution that helps men and women to overcome their dependencies with a number of treatments and doctors that ply their methods to fit the special needs of every patient and their ailment.

The California Rehabilitation Center is prepared to give help not only to those who suffer from addiction, but also to people with mood disorders or mental illness. This center combines medicine, technology and therapy to meet the needs of any disorder or addiction. Some of its treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, drama therapy, equine therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or dialectical behavior therapy. Each client is assigned a primary therapist that will oversee the treatment and adapt the clinic’s methods into a rehabilitation treatment that optimizes the client’s recovery. The center is careful to be sensitive to a client’s culture, values and desires. This does not mean that the clients will be permitted to keep their patterns of dependency, but that they will be guided towards rehabilitation in a manner that does not disrupt their general way of thinking and behaving.

Since America is one of the countries with the largest drug problems in the world, it is normal that clinics such as the California Rehabilitation Center is one of the most modern and well-prepared institutions of its kind. It even offers a program that supports addicts and their families, helping them to reconnect and better understand their situations. Clients rediscover themselves through work, school and social connections, be they with family or friends. Another advantage that makes this center one of the most advanced in the world is its program that deals with co-occurring disorders. This disorder refers to persons who suffer from both mental illness and substance abuse. The California Rehabilitation clinic deals with all these conditions simultaneously, trying to create a comprehensive treatment for such complicated disorders.

Addiction impairs reason and convinces the addict that staying high is the solution to all his/her problems. The rehab center tries to break this chain of thought by cleansing the body of the addiction and tending to the mind so that the client can better cope with the change in lifestyle. Here, people are helped to rediscover and renew themselves and to begin a new, better life.