Career Advice for Teens


Studies reveal that more teens have unrealistic career expectations in comparison with past years. Data shows that many teen have higher expectations about what they are likely to achieve, so they can easily waste their resources and time on something improbable to happen. Teens opt for professions such as being a doctor or a teacher, even if they can earn the same salary if they chose to be plumbers or carpenters. Therefore, it is very important to for teens to benefit of career advice before deciding on their career. Below you can find out some useful career advice for teens to help them make the right choice.

  • Ask people around you

Parents, guardians, teachers and other relatives can offer you precious career advice, as they have experiences in various fields. Don`t hesitate to ask them different questions about their career, what they think suits you best or what they recommend you to choose. Still, don`t make a decision based on what the others want from you, as you are the one who should be excited about it.

  • Search for relevant work opportunities

Take jobs that help you get practical experience of a field, so you can include them in your resume later and enhance your chances of getting the job your want and build a solid career. Jobs also help you figure out what you really like to work in that field in the future.  Volunteer opportunities are also not to be missed. For example, if you’re interested in politics, such as Democratic Party issues, you could become a volunteer during electoral campaigns, and help with spreading the word, with gathering signatures and support for a certain cause, and so on. Getting involved in politics, even at an early age, when you couldn’t get a specific job or become member of a party, will offer you invaluable experience that will look great on your resume. Employers like to see volunteer jobs on your CV, especially if they have to do with political or Democratic Party issues, because they show you have a love of work, especially for things that interest you, and that kind of passion is a quality rarely found in people.

  • Get involved in activities or take classes that interest you

Your teenage years offer you the best possibility to take classes and engage in activities that interest you. The more knowledge, the higher chances to choose the right career! For example, if you are excited about your chemistry lab, then being a chemist or a researcher can be an option for your career.

  • Talk to a career counselor

When looking for career advice, consider talking to career counselors. They will interpret the results of your personality tests and determine which careers are best suitable for you. Counselors also know recent and projected trends in economy, so they can provide useful information about the practical steps you need to follow in reaching your career goals.