Causes and consequences of a severe sore throat


There are people who are always facing the terrible situation of having a severe sore throat, whilst others simply never had to face this in their entire life. This is due to the fact that two bodies are never the same and each person has his own habits and immunity. As any other disease or infection, the severe sore throat is caused by certain factors or situations and has later or immediate repercussions over a person. Here are the most frequently met causes and the consequences these have in time, over your health and body.

Let’s begin with the most common of all, the low immunity of an organism. If you are one of those persons with poor immunity due to the inappropriate nutrition, then you will be more likely submitted to catching a severe sore throat. Generally speaking, weak bodies are more easily to attack by all those viruses from the air. And since you’re facing with such infection, your body becomes weaker and other issues might easily appear. During an infection, your body is attacked and your antibodies are struggling to eject the infection from your system. The consequence of simultaneous sore throats might lead to getting used to such condition and medicines won’t be able to fight you against infections anymore. Your antibodies won’t be seeing the severe sore throat as a danger.

Then again, you are a lucky person if you are dealing with the easy form of a simple infection. There are many cases in which a severe sore throat leads to another bacterial infection. Some viruses remain on the body and it takes a single loosen up of immunity to reactivate themselves again. Even something as simple as herpes may lead to a severe sore throat. Allergies and junk food are two of the causes which lead to throat infections as well. Be careful what you eat, for it is important to have a balance in nutrition. Your body needs proteins and carbohydrates to gain strength in fighting all kinds of diseases, among them the severe sore throat. Furthermore, another cause for this issue might be the excessive consumption of alcohol and cigars, along with much screaming. Say you go at a concert, or in the club and you’re having a great time. You sing loudly, you communicate a lot and the next thing in the morning, you’ll be stuck with a severe sore throat. The consequences then consist in a loss of your voice and you might even feel a strange sensation down the throat such as irritation and also the need of drinking as much liquids as possible, due to an unexplained drain.

In the end, everything is solved with a relaxing period, some rest and a few medicines. But if the severe sore throat is not treated properly, then other things may develop in your body, such as cancer, tumors or side effects of the over doses of drugs. Being so encountered, you might not think the severe sore throat could provoke so much damage to your health, but it is a must to treat it in time and if possible, use some natural remedies like chamomile teas, lemon and honey.