Celebrity Fashion Trends


Fashion trends can be quite hard to follow by normal women, especially if we take into account how fast they change. Celebrities however manage to always be on their best fashion behavior no matter the circumstances. Given their popularity most of the times it is their personal taste that gives birth to various trends. However if normal people can afford the luxury of leaving the house without taking a look in the mirror, celebrities are severely criticized for their fashion mistakes. But such mistakes rarely happen when you have all the designers at you feet and several stylists on speed dial.

The most exquisite displays of celebrity fashion choices are the red carpet events. On this magic carpet celebrities are analyzed from head to toe. The most common question heard at such events is: Who are you wearing?. Given the publicity of the red carpet appearances designers fight over the opportunity to dress the most popular celebrities. Having a popular designer at your disposal kinda eliminates the nothing-to-wear problem. On the weeks that follow such an event numerous fashion magazines and TV shows analyze and debate the most spectacular outfits.

Although a lot of the red carpet celebrity fashion choices are out of our reach, their everyday style is a constant inspiration for us. Furthermore fashion magazines are full of instructions that teach their readers how to dress and make up like their favorite celebrities. These magazines also provide celebrity fashion advice. Each famous person has her own individual style and while they abide by the rules of fashion, they also add a personal touch to their outfit. While some celebrities such as Rihana and Katy Perry have manifested their personal taste in a more obvious way, Lady Gaga is by far the most controversial fashion icon. Whether she is wearing a bubble dress, an egg costume or a meat dress this star treats fashion like an art and always tries to make powerful statements.

Age is an important aspect in celebrity fashion trends. While modern career women are inspired by the sophisticated styles of Angelina Jolie or Victoria Beckham, teenagers find their fashion inspiration in young upcoming starts such as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale. The stars of the popular Gossip Girl TV series, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively have also gained a fashion icon reputation. Just as their characters in the TV series, these two girls always manage to look fabulous whether they are walking on the red carpet or taking a stroll in the park.