Change Eye Color Permanently


People tend to undergo changes to their physical appearance. Almost everybody wants to fix, modify, add or remove something to their body, and the eye color makes no exception. In fact, since the eyes are the mirrors to our souls, they are the ones whose appearance we most try to manipulate. Some common transformations involve different types of eyelash growth serum or mascara which highlight our eyes naturally. However, what everybody secretly wants is a different eye color. Colored eye contacts are available, but they are temporally. Now, there is the possibility to change permanently your eye color.

The new method consists of a surgery developed in Panama by doctors who were trying to treat Kuna Indians who had albinism (lack of pigmentation) in the iris or heterchromia (different iris color for each eye).The word spread around, and the new surgery attracts more and more persons willing to change their eye color permanently.

The eye color change surgery is available only in Panama, and the doctor who has the patent is Delary Alberto Kahn. The procedure has a United States patent and FDA approved the materials used.

During this procedure, the surgeon places a small implant above the iris so that it covers the original color. Surgery is made under topical anesthesia, lasts approximately 10 minutes per eye and the recovery time is about a week. The procedure uses a technology that resembles the one for treating cataracts and is similar to laser surgery.

This diaphragm-like implant named NewColorIris comes in two colors: light blue and light green. Doctors who are performing this procedure say the implants look natural and only an ophthalmologist can tell the difference.

There are some contraindications, so your ophthalmologist`s approval is needed. The patient must have some eye tests done to certify that they can tolerate the pressure of the implant. It is important to know that the implant does not change the current vision, so patients with astigmatism must continue to wear the corrective lens after this surgery.

For follow-up care, a week in the Panama center in required. After the surgery, vision can be blurry for 2-4 days. Antibiotics and eye drops are prescribed, while regular check-ups are made in order to prevent infections, swelling, ocular hypertension or other side effects.

Speaking about side effects, this surgery is rather controversial. Other doctors claim that it can lead to glaucoma, cataracts, loss of cornea, infections or even blindness. It was reported woman who underwent this surgery was about to lose her vision, but doctors removed the eye implants and the danger was gone. Anyway, the eye color change through method is in use since 2002 and there were very few other complaints related to it.

If you consider changing your eye color permanently, pay a visit to your ophthalmologist and discuss its advantages and potential negative effects. The procedure cost around $7,500, but take into consideration that you have to travel to Panama and stay there for a week. That may be way more expensive than a good mascara or an eyelash growth serum, but it is an investment which will pay off, especially if you always dreamed of having ocean blue eyes.