If you are planning on getting a dog, you should browse through an all dog breeds list in order to find the breed most suitable for your personality and your lifestyle. If your heart is set on a tiny dog, you should consider the adorable Chihuahua. The dog that fits into a pocket is called Chihuahua it is so small that you’d rather look at him as a rodent then as a dog as he has an apple-shaped head and a small pointed snout. It has round eyes, large, black or ruby color, or even in some cases bright eyes. He has large ears compared to his tiny skull and they should be kept high. Puppies have a soft place on top of head called “molera”. This dog has a sturdy body and his tail is much smaller then his body; the tail is kept in a sickle shape or curled over the back or on a side.

Chihuahuas are a short-haired type of dogs, but there are varieties of this breed that have long hair. Coat colors include brown, red, silver, and blue mat, but any color is accepted, including multicolor. These breed of dog is more robust than it looks.

Chihuahua dogs, puppies and obedience training.
The temperament of the Chihuahua dogs is good allowing them to become good companion dogs, courageous, highly active, and proud. It’s a dog that offers and requires much affection. Bold and brash he’s moving quickly so people do not step on him. Chihuahua dogs are very confident, very loyal and become very attached to their owners, even going up to jealousy. Many of these dogs love to lick their owner’s face. They are very suspicious of other people other then their master. When a stranger is present, they will be watching their movements’ very careful around their owner. Some are more difficult to train, but they are intelligent dogs who learn quickly and respond well to proper training and patience. Not recommended for children play, because often show their teeth to defend themselves. If you read an all dog breeds list, you will discover that most small dogs are not suitable for small children as they have a lot of energy and little patience. This particular dog can be noisy and may require patience to be quiet. Therefore, owners must socialize their Chihuahua dogs from an early age, small dogs to avoid any future problems. Chihuahua dogs usually recognize their own race and are good with dogs of other breeds.

Chihuahua Dogs hate cold weather and may shake when it’s cool. Will tolerate and even appreciate a warm sweater on cool days.

Chihuahua is the perfect choice for people who do not have a big house or apartment especially since you can take it everywhere with you and the cost of food will not unbalance your budget. It is a shame that these little beings are seen as toys. Try to remember that this animal is a real dog, and not a toy despite its size, and has all the needs of a dog.

The life expectancy for these breed is about 15 years.

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