Finding a Surrogate Mother Process


The decision of having a child through a surrogate mother is based on a lot of consideration and serious thinking. There are some lucky couples who already know the surrogate mother personally, but most of the couples don`t have any idea where to turn or how to start the searching process that can ensure them the right surrogate mother to bear their child.

A good place to start is contacting a specialized agency. There are a lot of agencies that can offer help in finding a surrogate mother. Make sure you visit as many agencies as possible before choosing the one that entirely meets your needs. Another option is to look for an independent surrogate mother on your own. Both surrogate agencies and independent surrogate mothers can be found on the Internet. You can either be referred to a particular agency by word of mouth or opt for a local surrogate agency.

Usually you want to meet personally as many possible surrogate mothers as you can, because your final decision is extremely important. You must clearly explain your expectations and requirements, while she must also expose her personal needs and expectations. Don`t hurry during this process, because it is vital to feel comfortable with the woman who will give birth to your child.

The health condition of the surrogate mother is vital. If you choose to work with an agency, they will provide you with the medical records correspondent to the surrogate mothers they have in their database. If you want an independent surrogate mother, ask her the appropriate medical records. The most important records are the ones showing test results for hepatitis B and C, AIDS, and all sexually transmitted diseases. It is advisable to require lung X-ray test, a recent pap smear, and an electrocardiogram.

In the moment you decide on a surrogate, get a contract signed with her. Keep in mind that you choose the surrogate mother, but she also chooses you. Come to an agreement and go to an attorney to draw up the contract. Details are extremely important in a surrogacy contract, so make sure you include everything you discussed and agreed upon. Do not forget to specify the fee in the contract.

The cost will be higher in case you are working with an agency, but they will assure that every little detail appears in the contract. When working with an independent surrogate, before signing the contract, make sure you include a detailed fee agreement in order to avoid future unpleasant situations.