Citroen DS4


After the C4, compact model of the Citroen, had finished with “rebellions” related to design different versions: three and five-door with fixed hub and other such spicy, the French have awarded a premium version called DS4. The model is designed for wealthy clients, as steep price, especially those interested in the appearance of a vehicle on-board technology and then the dynamic characteristics.

Diesel engine is the top range and comes in the company of a six-speed manual. Wheelhouse is quite precise and allowances are agreeable once you keep the engine above 2,000 rpm, which provides the 340 Nm of its.

The sound isolation is good, the engine being felt in the cabin up to 3,000 rpm, while its sound is noticeable when the engine start and exit the car. Rivals in the segment offers generally higher levels of power and torque, being all-wheel drive and two models in the list of competitors: A3 and Impreza. Although the engine is not impressive in terms dynamic, it is doing well in the “fuel economy”.

DS4 2.0 HDi has a combined consumption of 5.1 liters per cent, equal to 150 hp Volvo C30 D3. French model gets a plus point in this chapter to the Swedish compact that has a larger tank (55 liters versus 60) that makes a difference when it comes to autonomy. Consumption is 4.3 liters said extra percent, while urban consumption is declared at 6.6liters per cent.

In our test we recorded a consumption of 8.0 liters per cent, while the extra consumption has been set between 5.2 and 6 liters per cent. On the highway, consumption has stabilized at 6.2 liters per cent to 120 km / h and 2,200 rpm. After having traveled less than 300 kilometers, we had consumed only a quarter of tank of DS4, so we have a theoretical range of 1,200 kilometers, exceptional value.

Note that version 1.6 e-HDi consumed a quarter of a tank all on the same route, showing that both are capable of a range of over 1000 kilometers on a single tank. We were surprised that the 2.0-liter diesel is equipped with a Start / Stop, which would have helped significantly in urban mode. The economic model is the BMW 118d premium compacts the segment, with 4.4 percent consumption combined, followed by the 120d and Giulietta2.0 Multijet.

Acceleration from 0-100 km / h is accomplished in 8.6 seconds by this version of Citroen DS4.

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