Cool iPad 2 App – Action Movie FX


If you are a fan of the Apple gadgets then you know how cool and useful it is to have and unlock iPhone cells or own an iPad. For the latter, there is one interesting application called the Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX which you can download for your iPad. The game is available on the iTune store. This special application gives you the possibility to create your own special movies with your iPad camera and with the help of some effects offered by the Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is film because you will be doing it with the help of the iPad camera through the program. If you want to aim a special thing set the camera on that object after which you can set an effect through the app for that specific scene. Aside from the possibility to edit the video with the help of the effects you can also improve the quality of the movie with the help of some visual effects.

After you have finished editing the video you filmed you can very easily share it on Facebook where all your friends can see your work. You can also send it to someone through email or save it on your camera file. You don’t need to unlock iPhone devices for them to work or be compatible between each other, but if you are a true Apple fan you must have surely known this great aspect of their products.

The company which developed the app is called Bad Robot. This is the same company which created the well known games: Alien, Lost and Mission impossible. Action Movie FX is available online and you can get it for free, if you want to get extra effects you have to pay about 0.99 $. It is a very small price for such a great app. Go on the iTunes website and download it from there. You will be given all the necessary information there so do not worry.

The main idea of the Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX is that any user can shoot a short scene after which you can adjust it however you want. This app works on the following iPhones: 3GS, 4 and 4S. It also works on the 4th generation of iPod. If you want to know more information about this app all you have to do is go online, on the iTunes site and read all the information available. If you are not the kind of person who likes editing videos or short movies you will not enjoy this wonderful application. If you want to do cool stuff on your iPad you have to get the Action Movie FX. It will make your videos more interesting and fun. Have fun!