Creative Garden Ideas


Although at a first glance it seems quite difficult to have a creative garden, you should know that anyone can do this without resorting to a specialist. Therefore you only need some simple creative ideas and a little imagination to transform your garden into a paradise.

  • Think about what kind of garden you would like to have. It can be a garden only with flowers, a garden with edible plants or a combination. Also, take into account other elements, like curbs, sidewalks, lawns, terraces, fountains and so on.
  • Give importance to the design elements. The beauty of a garden is given by each person’s imagination. There are no exact rules in arranging a garden, but to get the desired effect is good to keep in mind several important elements.
  • When it comes to order, this one can be obtained by the symmetry and repetition of plants and colors. It is very important that higher plants be placed in the back, and small plants in front. In this way all plants will be observed. Also, it is important not to mix large and spectacular flowers with small ones, since the latter will be harder to spot.
  • You can plant more flowers in one place of the garden. It is good to keep in mind that flowers should be similar in size to create no discordant note. You will also create a tiring aspect if you choose different flowers with a very strong and varied color. You can choose plants that have the same colors in different shades or more colors, but in equal tones.
  • Choose a point of interest: Every garden must have a point of interest. Without this point of interest, the eye will perceive less the harmony created by plants arrangement, quickly jumping from one plant to another. You can opt for a fountain surrounded by flowers. If it’s a small garden you can opt for an imposing plant to attract attention with its beauty. Surround the plant with other smaller flowers of the same color, but opt for lighter shades.

The garden adds value to the house, delineates the house and offers an intimate and relaxing space. But the first steps can be difficult in having a creative garden.

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