Dating Advice for Men | 5 Tips for a Successful Date

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She said yes, but now what? If you’re a single guy searching for the girl of your dreams, you need to level up to your game. If you ever wondered why she didn’t want to go out with you again although things seemed to be going well, you need to figure out what you did wrong and change it. A quality woman is hard to find, so make sure you show up on a first date dressed to impress and ready to sweep her off her feet. Here are five essential dating advice for men:

1. Suit up
If you are taking the lady to a fancy restaurant, a suit and a tie are in order, but if you are heading out to the local pub, a clean shirt will do just fine. Clothes should emphasize your features, so if you’re a shorter guy don’t wear baggy pants. Small clothes with short pants and sleeves will make a tall guy look like an adolescent. Women will certainly notice if you just picked up something from the rack and you’ll suffer for it. She will also notice if you smell nice, if your hair is combed, shoes polished and fingernails clean.

2. Don’t be late
If you want your date to go smoothly, be there on time and be indulgent if she’s running a little late. Maybe she doesn’t want to show up before you do. Being late will create a bad impression and give her the idea that you were not eager to meet. If something unexpected happens that’s beyond your control, let her know that you will be late and apologize in advance.

3. Compliment her
One of the best dating advice for men is to compliment. Be different from other guys and give her a compliment that is sincere and she’s never heard before. Instead of telling her that she’s beautiful, let her know you her laughter is beautiful and it lights up the room. Be careful to use compliments appropriately and avoid comments that sound sexual.

4. Don’t discuss your ex
Women don’t want to hear about your divorce or how your ex cheated on you or took all your money. A first date or phone call is not the right time to mention your tumultuous past. Stay in the present and discuss about the things that you enjoy and are passionate about.

5. Hold the door

Another great dating advice for men is to treat her with respect and consideration. She is an independent woman but that doesn’t mean that you can’t hold the door. Prove that chivalry is not dead and open the car door on your first date. While you walk together in a restaurant place your hand on the small of her back, but make sure it is at least four inches above her hip-line.

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