Decorating a toddlers bathroom


When you are decorating you toddlers bathroom the first things that you should take into consideration are: safety, comfortable and very easy to clean. It must be a place where your toddler feels at ease, which he find friendly. When you decorate it first you have to take into account your toddlers taste as far as characters and colors are concerned and then add your personal touch. Decorating a room for this specific age should be done in such a way that adults can feel comfortable in or if children older come to visit you kid. Before decorating, health and safety should be the first thing on your list. Since babies are very sensitive and their immune system takes years to develop, they are extremely susceptible to getting respiratory diseases. Contact a mold testing Toronto company to make sure there are no traces of mold in the toddlers bathroom and take steps to keep humidity levels as low as possible, because mold tends to form in wet areas the most.

Picking a color for the bathroom should be done along with your child and not just by yourself, because you are the parent, they may have certain preferences. At this age most children prefer fish, flowers or ducks. If your toddler has chosen too many things for you to put in the bathroom that you should make him choose a couple of them.

The next thing you should do is pick a color for the walls. Our advice is that you pick a single color which matches with the other elements which you are later going to add. Pick a bright color and your toddler will enjoy it.

The shower curtain should have a colorful pattern in order to make your toddler feel at ease. For your peace of mind and for your child’s safety pick a shower curtain which is see through. Towels should also have a happy pattern and should be placed near the tub, and extras under the sink.

For when your toddler gets out of the bathroom place a math, specially for the bath, in front of the bath tub, make sure its non slick. To decorate the wall add some photos with boats or sea elements just to complete the design.

The accessories which go in front of the mirror should be safe. They should go with the theme but at the same time not represent a threat to your toddler. The usual things which go in front of the mirror are: a glass for the tooth brush, soap, a garbage can, a stepping stool and bath decals which are non slink.

These are the thing you need to do in order to decorate a toddlers bathroom. Keep in mind that this whole project should be fun for you and your child. You should also have his needs and preferences when you are doing this.