Designer ideas for decorating a living room with a flat screen TV


In the last years, with the technological and information needs, the TV has become indispensable and almost every living room has such an object. Whether you prefer to place the TV on the view or hidden, in the middle of the room or on a wall, it is recommended to position it so that the picture quality and sound is not distorted.

Here are some ideas where you can place a flat screen TV:

At sight: You can make your TV a focal point of the room by placing it in the middle of the room on a special stand. Also, if your living room is equipped with a fireplace, even electrical, put the TV on a same wall above it. Of course, in this case the flat screen TV is indispensable.

Embedded in the furniture: There is possible to buy furniture equipped with special spaces for storing the TV or speakers. You can get high end receivers here to work in conjunction with your TV and speakers, but with more components you may want to buy furniture equipped with special spaces to store everything. If we are speaking of a small room, it is recommended to opt for furniture that has the shelf for the TV positioned above. If we speak of a small room is recommended to opt for furniture that has the shelf for TV positioned above. That’s because once located near the floor level there is a risk that the TV sound be distorted. However, if there is no possibility to place the TV somewhere above the furniture, you can compensate the sound quality by purchasing a floating speaker, especially if you have a Smart TV. You can simply connect it to the floating speaker via Bluetooth and enjoy your movies or TV shows without having to worry that the sound is altered in any way. These wireless floating speakers provide 360-degree sound projection, so no matter where you place them, the sound is equally projected throughout the room. What is more, they double as a great decorative item too.

‘Hidden’ in the closet: If you do not want your TV to be placed at sight you have at hand the option of hiding it behind the doors of a closet. You can also use a special panel that rises. This panel may be even a picture. Thus you will be able to combine art with technology in a practical idea.

On a wall: For a modern decor you can place the flat screen TV directly on a wall using special devices of support. Another option is to place the TV on a fake wall specially created for it. It is recommended that this device to fit perfectly in the decor created. For example, opt for a silver TV if your living room has glamour influences and is decorated with objects in the same shades. Also, do not forget to hide the cables left at sight.