May I do sports with a hangover?


To sober up, some athletes swear by a small training session designed to drive the hangover away. But does that also help or does the drunkenness run belong to the training myths?

Sport and alcohol do not really belong together. After all, you are less efficient if you have drunk alcohol . And after the sport, the regeneration is delayed. In this respect, you can not advise any athlete to get a glass approved, if you are ambitious athletic. For many amateur athletes, who read this review of harrah’s, the cozy get-together just works best with a little alcohol involved and if it was a glass too much in the evening, some try the next day to drive the hangover away with jogging. But those who do sports with a big head must be careful.

Hangovers come from a lack of fluids in the system. Alcohol deprives the body of fluid, as the kidneys are stimulated. Simply put, one exudes more liquid than one ingests. Furthermore, during the decomposition of alcohol there are toxins that can trigger headaches, dizziness and nausea.

What happens during sports?

If you have drunk a lot of alcohol, the body has already lost a lot of fluids. Going to the gym, you sweat. It removes the already dried out organism even more fluid and thus many minerals . If you do not pay attention and don’t drink enough before exercising, it can even be dangerous.

Not prohibited, but not effective and risky

Next, the metabolism is stimulated during sports. Under load , however, the body first resorts to the alcohol because it can metabolize it more easily. As a result, the toxins can enter the body faster and in larger quantities, which can even aggravate the hangover. Balance disorders, concentration problems and heart problems can also be undesirable side effects. Since alcohol also disturbs the metabolism, you will hardly be able to train effectively.

The alcohol is broken down in the body in the liver. In one hour our organism creates about 0.1 per thousand. It does not matter if we do sports or just lie in bed. If you do sports, z. Running , the circulation is activated. In addition, you get a lot of fresh air, which can also improve the well-being. As long as you do not overdo it and pay attention to the fluid balance, you can go to training, even if you do not bring top performance. But you should not overdo it and if you realize that it is dizzy or you do not feel well, you should break the workout better and move to a hangover-free day.

Prevent the hangover

Sport can not drive a hangover away. At most you can try to prevent the hangover or ensure that he is not so strong. It is important to drink a glass of mineral water while celebrating each glass of alcohol. In addition, one should pay attention to high-quality alcoholics, since cheap alcohol such as in many alcopops, cheap liquor and cheap wine, contains more toxins and therefore strengthens the hangover.