Do you want to buy a stove? Check these aspects before



A stove is an investment worth thinking over. Yes, it may be expensive, if you choose a modern model, but you will use it daily and for at least a decade. Therefore, if you want to purchase a new one, you should take your time to do some research and see which one of the models available on the market is the right one for your house. There is no more amazing feeling than coming home and heating up close to your stove, on a freezing winter day. You only have to start up the pellet, gas or wood stove and you will transform the space in a cosy room in a couple of minutes. But, if you do not have the needed knowledge on how to choose a stove, it may take a while on deciding which one of the models available on the market is the right investment. You have to check certain design and safety issues before you pay for it.

What is the heating effect on the living area?

If you want to have a positive experience with the stove, it is important to check the models of Stoves Wakefield especially designed for t size of the room, where you intend to install it. In addition, it is important to inform the provider on your heating needs, because they will influence the type of the stove you will have to buy. In case you will choose a model that is too big, then it will have a low effect on the environment and it will soot in your chimney and on the glass. In case the stove is too small, then it will feature overloading issues and a reduced lifetime.

Make sure that you inform the provider on the type of insulation your house features and on the living area, because in this way they will be able to offer you advice. The type of insulation, ceiling height and number of windows will influence the model you buy.

Check out the ventilation of the house

If you want the fireplace to function properly, then you have to make sure that it receives the air it needs. It gets air through the chimney, but if you are living in a very insulated and sealed house, you can deal with issues that can influence the functionality of the stove. It is advisable to connect the outside air to it, if you want to enjoy its presence. If your house features mechanical ventilation or new insulation, it is important to talk with the constructor when they install the fireplace, because they will have to adapt it to these conditions.

Insulation and window glass

In case you are living in an old house that features poor insulation then you should know that it needs more heating than a properly insulated house that also has triple gazed windows. You already know that your house experiences heat loss so it is important to buy a stove that works well on these conditions.

Check the chimney

The majority of homeowners experience stove issues because the chimney is not working properly or it is incorrectly dimensioned. In order for it to work properly, you should make sure that the internal diameter of the house is bigger than the flue outlet of the stove you want to purchase. The fireplace will have installation and user guides that will offer you information on the needed draught for the type of fireplace you choose.

The rule is that one meter of chimney is able to create four Pascal of draught. Not many of the stoves available on the market are able to function on less than 12 Pascal. The draught is reduced by the sharp elbows of the flue outlet. If you do not know how your chimney works, then you should hire professionals to check it and offer you advice. They can rehabilitate your chimney, or they can offer you an alternative. Nowadays constructors recommend homeowners to choose steel chimneys instead of brick ones.

Where do you want to install the fireplace?

As you may already know, different models of stoves have different features. So if you want to place it close to a flammable material, then you should check the models especially designed for this purpose. In addition, there are models that need you to build a wall between them and the wall of the room, if you intend to place them close to it. When you check the models of stoves, you should offer the provider a drawing that shows the exact position of the fireplace in relation to the furniture, walls, and other items. In this way, they will tell you if you need a fireproof wall, and they would even help you set it up.

What is the load bearing and weight capacity of your floor?

The majority of stoves available on the market do not require strengthening the floor when you install them. However, if you want to be on the safe side, then you have the possibility to make an estimation of weight. Studies state that each square meter of the floor is able to withstand around 150 kg.

Do you want to install it yourself?

Depending on the country where you are living, the local regulations may ask a professional to come and install the fireplace. You have the possibility to ask the provider of the fireplace to helps you with this job, or in case you want someone else to do it, you can outsource the installation to an expert. In the majority of cases, there is no need for more than two people. But make sure that you also consider the preparation of the space and the transport of the stove. Depending on your house and the type of fireplace you choose, the installation can last from two hours to an entire day. You should talk with a professional engineer to check your specific conditions and tell you how big the project is and how many people you should hire.