Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad


The MoboTap developer has launched the Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad, an application for the Dolphin browser. This application was created at the same times as the Safari one and it was done this way in order to make sure that the browser will be able to read the content. What makes this iPad app different from all the others is the fact that it has tabbed browsing and a lot of gestures that just integrate themselves with the iPad. The Dolphin application has been used a long time the browser for android iPhones and now it has launched its own app that works one the iPad.

The Dolphin HD for iPad has a lot of new and useful gestures to offer, it is a serious competitor for the Safari browser. One of the bad points of the Safari browser is the fact that it does not offer a lot of tabs. Dolphin HD Browser does not offer a lot of tabs it also gives you the opportunity to navigate easily through tabs, bookmarks and different pages.

One thing that you absolutely love at the Dolphin browser is the fact that you can set it to full screen thus you can navigate on the internet without being distracted by other elements. For this application you can set to receive daily news but in a magazine way which means that you will get to read your news faster and easier. Safari will have to make some serious updates in order to reach the level of the Dolphin browser. If Apple would give its users the possibility to choose between Safari and Dolphin the browser will really get a good launch.

If you will buy the Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad you will see that it is a very useful browser. This application was designed to be very fast and easy to use, or better said to make your browsing experience a better one. For now Dolphin is the best iPad browser or just until Apple updates the Safari browser with the same features and options. If you want it you can purchase it online on the iTunes store for free. You will see that with this browser your life will become much easier. When you have an iPad you need and easy to use browser because you need useful things when you are working on the iPad.