Effective strategies that will help you lose an impressive amount of weight



Losing some weight may be a true concern for many, because of various reasons. Although the main reasons gravitate around looking more attractive, in many cases, losing weight may be important because of health concerns. Unfortunately, many individuals who manage to lose an impressive amount of weight complain about gaining it back within six months. This is obviously counterproductive and a source of frustration and even anxiousness for many. Advisable would be to follow a well-developed strategy that will assure you that whatever amount of weight you manage to lose, it remains lost. A great strategy many tend to forget about is working out. Whether you invest in fitness equipment for cardio or you choose to jog daily, there are some simple strategies that may be helping greatly in the process.

1. Exercise more

When it comes to losing weight it’s all about exercising. People tend to concentrate more on their diets, than on their exercising habits, and this seems to damage the entire process of losing weight greatly. The downside of dieting is that oftentimes, people don’t pair it with exercising and instead of burning off fat, their bodies start consuming from the muscles. Obviously, this prevents them from losing weight efficiently, because as soon as they start eating normally, their muscles begin to rebuild themselves (which is good) but they will still be covered by a layer of fat. The great thing is that you can burn fat by using your fat deposits. A recent study has shown that besides the regular white fat, our body also has deposits of brown fat. These deposits are packed with mitochondria, which generates large amounts of heat when stimulated. The trick is that you must work out in order to stimulate those little agents. Also, scientists recently discovered that working out generates a hormone, named irisin, which turns the bad white fat into brown fat. This is amazing, because you simply have to get into the habit of working out and you will begin to lose significant amounts of weight. But working out on a regular basis is not always easy, is it? Well, below we have some great workouts that will help you.

  • Exercise bikes – using these products improves muscular flexibility and tonus, they improve cardiovascular health and endurance, making them the perfect type of exercising equipment for working out. If you are unsure of how these products are most efficient, make sure to do some research and develop an exercise plan, so it easy to follow up with and efficient at the same time. The great thing about these bikes is that they are very efficient, a half hour workout, five times a week being enough for turning white fat into brown fat. This will help you to lose an impressive amount of weight, while it will prevent you from gaining it back over the time. This type of workout is pleasurable, so it is easy to follow up with and turn it into a habit.
  • Dumbbell exercises – dumbbells are small weights that come in different measurements. For beginners, lightweight ones may be just perfect, in time being possible to increase them. They are so great because they offer your muscles a great workout, which will enable them to build muscle in an efficient fashion. Besides brown fat, muscles are also burning plenty of unhealthy white fat.

2. Vitamin D supplement work wonders

A study of University of Minnesota showed that those who started a weight loss program with extra vitamin D, were more likely to drop and amazing amount of weight in a shorter interval than those with under normal or normal levels of vitamin D in their bodies. So, if you want to drop some pounds start popping some vitamin D pills and maintain the habit even after you reach a desirable weight. The same research found that vitamin D is increasing the leptin levels, a hormone that is giving the fullness sensation. Vitamin D is almost impossible to be assimilated from diet, so it is advisable to search for the best option of this supplement on the local market. The recommended amount of vitamin D daily is of about 1,000 international units.

3. Get in the mood

In many cases we find it difficult to lose weight because we are not committed enough to losing weight. In other words, we are not in the mood to refrain from certain pleasures, such as having dessert. The thing is that oftentimes, even if, say, we don’t necessarily want a piece of cake, if our friends insist on having one, we will. This is psychology, but it is damaging. If you want to lose an impressive amount of weight, get in the mood to do it, and stick to the plan. Also, inform you friends that dessert is forbidden in your situation. If they are good friends, they will avoid eating unhealthy foods around you and this will help you greatly in your process. Giving in to peer pressure is harder when there is remotely any type of pressure.

4. No more splurging

Another psychological phenomenon that many of us are unaware about is that when we do something healthy, like eating a healthy meal, we are less likely to workout, let’s assume. This happens because we feel satisfied with our previous actions. Actions for which we tend to reward ourselves. This is why after eating a healthy meal we are more likely to make bad decisions in the near future. So, revoke your license to splurge after a healthy decision, and you will be able to stick to a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and keep it lost. The yo-yo effect is unlikely to take place if you apply this simple strategy.

These are four of the most effective strategies one could apply for losing an impressive amount of weight and preventing the yo-yo effect from appearing. If you want better results, combine some of our suggestions and you will be more likely to lose weight in a more effective manner.