Emotional intelligence


Psychology has developed a lot along the time and if at the beginning, it was not paid so much attention, in this century it became more and more important for the companies, their employees and success and for the ever day personal life too. But when it comes to work psychology, we have to keep in mind that it refers a lot to emotional intelligence and resistance to stress and great effort.

Intelligence is a common word and almost every student that graduated high school is able to explain it with his own words, but the concept of emotional intelligence has been recently discovered and has a strong influence on the success of people, even though they may not be aware of it yet.

Emotional intelligence refers actually to five skills that need to be taken into account for a better and successful career and not only. First of all, you have to be ready to notice when you are too stressed and to control your emotions accordingly. The sounds, the views, the smells and even the touch of somebody can help you overcome stress. The only thing you have to do is to discover the way your body reacts to these senses and how stress is being avoided.

Know yourself as well as you can and get ready to recognize your emotions. Make your decisions according to what is best for your physical estate and use them as a source of motivation. If you ignore them, they will cause you a lot of trouble and in the end you will have to obey them.

The non-verbal communication signs are another important factor to keep in mind. You should be prepared to answer to the messages of your partners of dialogue with non-verbal messages. Show them agreement or disagreement, confidence and interest, or on the contrary, disagree with their ideas when there is the case. Try to be empathetic with them.

It is also important the sense of humor and the positive attitude toward everything, including conflicts. Humor is a great gun to use against stress and if it is shared with someone else, its effects are even higher! The positive attitude is another skill of the emotional intelligence and brings clear minds and justified reasons to achieve what you want. It motivates you and it protects you from the obstacles caused by negative thoughts and dismissive attitudes! Take care!