Evening Dress Trends We Love for Fall/Winter 2018


After a month of fashion shows in New York, Paris and London, a plethora of brand new styles and trends for fall and winter have been revealed, presenting an opportunity to impress in the perfect evening dress.

Often made of luxurious fabrics and have been the centerpiece of a woman’s wardrobe since the days of old. Like JJsHouse designer Jessica explains “evening dresses are synonymous with the fashion trends of the time, while simultaneously displaying unique characteristics that set them apart from everyday dresses. These special gowns have the ability to empower a woman, amplify her femininity and flatter her body type through various shapes and cuts.”

Here are some of the top evening dress trends for 2018 fall and winter.

Embrace your inner animal

There may be some misunderstanding surrounding animal print, but all that is now a thing of the past. Prints such as zebra and leopard are making a wild comeback this fall and winter. It’s a daring look, but best worn head-to-toe if you want to make the boldest statement.


Reimagined in the most stylish way possible, checks are making a comeback. Over the years, checks have been reinvented time and time again, but in terms of evening dress trends, check is a bold statement that when worn right can be the perfect style. If you’re not so inclined to rock the checks, you can always just wear a pair of check socks.

Suit Up

Nothing promotes female power like a bold suit. Feel like leaving the evening dress at home? This fall and winter, business meets pleasure with trousers and tops. Whether you’re rocking metallic, flares or color-clashing separates, you can turn heads with your two-piece attire this season.

Captivating Capes

Much like Maleficent, Khaleesi and many superheroes, capes are the ultimate symbol of power. Wearing a cape not only incites power, but also elegance that will be the perfect add-on to your wardrobe you never knew you needed. Though it may seem difficult to wear a cape to a formal event, have no fear, capes can be worn sharp and structured, or soft and comfortable.

Rock The Red

Red is no stranger to making a bold statement and this year it dominated the New York Fashion Week catwalk. If you want to stand out at that formal event or party, red is the easiest way to do it. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a ballgown, a fitted silk dress or any other formal wear, red will no doubt make you the center of attention.

Kira Kira Dresses

Make like a star and shine. Crafted into cocktail dresses, suits, or any other form of formal wear, the disco ball look will have you looking good like a disco ball. Future-proofing your style can be just as simple as wearing silver. Rocking this look will make all your friends want to pull out their phones and use the kira kira app to see for themselves.

With these top trends for Fall and Winter 2018 you can be the star of the party by looking amazing and staying cozy at the same time.