Everything you need to know about public liability insurance


Public liability insurance represents or at least, it should represent a common topic in the business world because every business owners must become familiar with the necessity and the benefits provided by this option. Regardless of the type of business you own, you should not overlook the importance of public liability insurance, especially if you must interact with members of the public. The purpose of having public liability insurance is quite simple to understand. If someone demands you to pay for physical or property damages, it will cover the costs and other hospital or legal fees. Practically, it could determine your evolution or failure in the business world. Consequently, you should start considering public liability insurance whether you own a hotel and large amounts of people dispose of your services or if you just work for homeowners as a tradesman including electrician, carpenter or builder. When it comes to applying for public liability insurance, honesty is crucial because you do not want the insurance provider to realize that you fabricated information and cancel your policy

Should you ask the help of a professional?

However, you should not rush into the process because first you have to explore the options and choose the most suitable and beneficial policy for your business’ needs. You have two options: do a thorough research and discover every aspect of this topic by yourself or contact a professional, namely an insurance adviser who is knowledgeable and experienced. By choosing the latter option, you have the certainty that you will fully understand not only the ins and outs of a specific policy, but also the advantages that it offers to your business. Feel free to make use of the internet, more exactly online comparison services to compare available quotes and read more info regarding the topic on Tradesman Saver. In the end, you are the one who must choose whether to contact a professional or not, depending on your knowledge in the field.

Communicate and be honest with the insurer

Insures generally take into account several factors in relation to your business when calculating a public liability insurance quote. First, they use your turnover in order to assess your level of activity so if you are a tradesman and another person owns the company, you have to make sure that the policy in question involves third party cover. As a result, if you work on someone else’s property and you cause damages, it will take care of the necessary payments. You must inform the insurer about your type of business in order to establish an agreement concerning the right policy, suitable for any circumstances. In order to choose a policy that perfectly suits your needs, you should take into account several aspects including employers’ liability insurance (if you have any) and the level of cover for both your business and clients. Moreover, you should carefully analyze the policy documents before you decide to make the purchase.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you do not purchase employer’s liability insurance while having employees, even though temporarily, you are breaking the law. This will provide coverage in case one of the employees becomes ill or suffers injuries during work. He has the right to seek compensation and you might have to cover large payments, if the illness or injury is severe. With employers’ liability cover, you have the certainty and peace of mind that all the legal costs as well as the compensation will not represent a financial inconvenience. If you want to conduct your business peacefully and stay within the law, apply for employers’ liability insurance now.

Property insurance

By choosing property insurance, you practically protect your building and work equipment. Think if you could afford to replace the equipment is case of theft or breakage. Most of the time, the answer is yes, especially when it comes to small businesses owners who must be very careful with their funds. Obviously, you have to calculate the numbers in order to make sure that the sum insured exceeds the value of your equipment and we refer to “all” the equipment, not just what you consider essential for the business to function. In terms of building, the same principle applies because you can never foresee a natural disaster, a fire or a flood. Considering that it represents your most valuable asset, you must ensure its full protection because otherwise, you will have to stand significant financial losses.

What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance is not compulsory but it represents an essential asset for those businesses that have to interact directly with clients. People who run their business from home are free to consider this option if they use the home office for meeting purposes. You probably want to know exactly the extent of your public liability insurance cover and this is understandable because after all, you always have to evaluate the quality of a product before you purchase it. Shortly, your business receives cover if someone or someone’s property suffers damages while receiving your services or using your products. Public liability also covers repair or replacement costs, medical fees, legal expenses and compensation payments for injuries and even deaths. Some people get easily offended because of minor incidents so if you have the impression that your business cannot hurt anyone, think again. In some situations, these types of cases end up in court and as the owner of the business, you are forced to pay legal fees.

What happens if you do not have public liability insurance?

Not having public liability insurance practically leaves your business completely vulnerable to various claims. In case of a claim filled by an employee or a client, the court will send a notification and you will have to find a solicitor to provide the adequate defense. In case of failure, you will have to pay great amount of money including medical expenses, legal costs and court fees.  Even if it proves to be a success, you still do not have the certainty that you will be able to claim back all your losses. When having a cover, the stress and the losses drop significantly because you only have to inform the insurer and everything will be covered.