Family adventure: exciting holidays that bring old and young together



People experience mixed emotions when it comes to family vacations. On one hand, the change of scenery and the opportunity to reunite with distant siblings as well as the thought of not having to bear all the expenses causes endless excitement. On the other hand, putting up with relatives’ annoying quirks, sharing hotel rooms thus eliminating privacy and not agreeing about meals somehow manage to ruin the mood. Indeed, bringing together individuals of different ages with completely different lifestyles will most likely lead to disagreements and protests, but are you willing to sacrifice the feeling of belonging for some minor differences. Moreover, nothing can bother you if you do not allow it.

 For instance, instead of concentrating on the lack of privacy, you should view it as a unique situation that tests your flexibility and positivity. Of course, setting limitations is recommendable, but making compromises is also important for an enjoyable and peaceful family holiday. Every problem has a solution. Your parents or grandparents might treat you as a kid even if your partner is present, but who would not like to feel like a kid again, not to mention that your beloved one has the chance to witness sincere expressions of affection that strengthen the relationship between family members.

Think about activities that will engage all generations

Most importantly, exploring the numerous types of adventure holidays that you could experience will definitely keep your mind very busy. Obviously, all members must discuss the options available and choose something adequate for all generations, from 10-year old children to 60-year old grandparents. Do you feel adventurous enough to go sea kayaking? Will children incline towards mountain hiking or camping on a river’s banks? They will definitely love tree climbing and zip wiring in the shaded forest, but can you say the same thing about the elders? Does wildlife encounters and photographic safari captivate your interest? Do you already picture yourself participating in a treasure hunt on the sunny beach? What country will satisfy all your preferences and curiosities: India, Sweden, Costa Rica, Egypt, Tanzania, Ecuador, Iceland or France? Making such an important decision is definitely overwhelming, but if you think about it, you just cannot go wrong with any of the alternatives enumerated above.

Create a pre-vacation checklist for a smooth traveling process

After analyzing the options for your much-awaited vacation, you must define the budget, plan the logistics by purchasing airline tickets, booking your accommodation and thinking about exciting activities that will engage everyone, determining the size of your luggage and using various entertainment devices or methods during the flight, especially for those restless children. Of course, you can also choose to travel by car if the space allows it. Once you reach the fascinating destination, all you have to do is enjoy every single moment. This period spent together enables you to bond by sharing fun stories, creating unique memories and solidifying your emotional connection. Making a checklist will prove to be really helpful because it will prevent you from forgetting to pack necessary items or even making arrangements for plants, pets or mail. The bright side is that it will also help you cope with airport security. Even though you cannot control the slow-moving line, you can make sure that you do not become a contributing factor to the frustration.

Do you incline towards an adrenaline-filled getaway?

Undoubtedly, this holiday will bring old and young together, boost your team spirit and give all members of the family the once in a lifetime opportunity to admire strikingly beautiful natural scenery, observe rare animals and engage in thrilling activities. Numerous countries or spots around the world have the great potential to entertain and surprise you. If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled getaway, then Slovenia can become your family’s playground. Opting for a Family Adventure Tour will give you the possibility to experience a high ropes course, wander the capital Ljubljana and take a long walk to see the impressive waterfalls. It might sound too dangerous for the little ones, but the truth is that children aged over 8 years have the permission to enjoy this memorable tour with the grown-ups. If you already picture yourselves rubbing shoulders with the spectacular wildlife, then allow your kids to encounter elephants on safari and watch the whales on the coast by choosing South Africa as your destination. Just make sure that your kid exceeds the age of 12.

Do you want to explore fascinating cultures and learn new things?

The adrenaline does not stop here because if you just discovered your passion for kayaking, you can persuade the other members of the family to learn the basics and enjoy this water-based activity while connecting with nature. The best places in the world to go kayaking include Maldives, Greenland, Slovenia, Spain, Canada, Hawaii, Norway and even USA. Each of these locations has different landscapes, temperatures and conditions, to suit all tastes. Just make sure that you take the necessary equipment before leaving home. On you can find useful information regarding all types of kayaks that you can share with your relatives to introduce them to this fun activity. The most important thing is to assess everyone’s swimming abilities for safety purposes. You can go from one extreme to the other by directing your attention towards an Artic adventure. Have you ever thought that at some point in life, you will have the chance to feed polar bears or snowmobile through the tundra? This is more than possible if you visit Finland.

When it comes to family holidays, the possibilities are truly endless. From embracing Latino style by living a rafting adventure and peacefully admiring the sunset to cracking into Asian culture by wandering the busy streets, cramming in a food tour and spending an entire night with a local family, the chosen location and activities mostly depend on all members’ hobbies, desires and curiosities. Regardless of the final destination, the whole family will be able to explore new places and cultures, taste delicious foods and engage in entertaining activities.