Famous 1960 Fashion Trends


The 1960 fashion scene was evolving and breaking many traditions, inspired by various social movements. Box-shaped PVC dresses, “Go-go” boots, culottes and the bikini became popular during that period. Early in the decade, women preserved the elegant style of the 50s wearing pastel suits, short boxy jackets, pillbox hats and Capri trousers. Dresses has close-fitting waists and simple geometrical designs. Men preferred colorful suites with cravats, wide ties, leather boots, trouser straps and crazy prints and patterns.

Mini skirt
Mary Quant’s advert featuring a mini skirt in 1964 dramatically changed the 1960 fashion trends. Every stylish woman wore it and threw away the elegant long skirts. Designs were simple, clean and neat, made from cotton. Quant also promoted a sharply geometric hairstyle like the Vidal Sasson 5 point cut. The mini dress soon appeared, with a sleeveless shift and A-line shape. John Bates was a very influential British designer, considered the inventor of the mini skirt. He was making short skirts long before others, but Mary Quant facilitates the idea and made it popular among young girls. Bate’s designs were the shortest and his models wore almost no undergarments. Diana Rigg wore his creations in The Avengers series as well as Sandie Shaw, Dusty Springfield, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton. In 1966 he designed a space-age wedding outfit for Marit Allen. The introduction of tights made the mini acceptable because they offered more protection than the traditional stockings. The tights were adorned with diamond arrangements, prints and the most popular were “American Tan”, a golden brown color. This style was very popular for street fashion, and you could see women of all ages sporting in; the mini skirt is still a fashion icon today, and seeing how fashions always make a comeback, make sure you always have one in your wardrobe.

Space outfits
Designer Andre Courreges created a memorable style, the so-called “space-age look”. He introduced box-shaped dresses, white trouser suits, white boots, and goggles. The clothes were build from PVC metal and plastic. The main colors were yellow, white, red and metallic silver. “Moon girls” wore mini dresses, with hats shaped like platters. The footwear was even more innovative: low-heeled plastic calf boots with a clear cut neat the top. The “Go-go” boots became a popular 1960 fashion trend and quickly moved from the runway to the streets. Paco Rabanne also adopted a futuristic style, creating outfits using metal, chain mail and plastic. Heavy metal necklaces, disk like earnings and chain link belts decorated his designs. Pierre Cardin introduced the stylized visor helmet hats.

The hippie style
The late 1960 fashion trend was influenced by the Vietnam war. Baby boomers adopted an androgynous “free look” that promoted promoted sexual liberation and equality for all. Hippies wore sandals, frayed bell-bottomed jeans, work shirts and headbands. Sometimes women would go bra-less and barefoot. As they grew older, the style started to fade. However, elements from the hippie style can still be observed in street fashion today, especially since the bohemian trend had gained more popularity.