Feng Shui advice for weddings


Tense moments of organizing a wedding can be successfully avoided, according to supporters of Feng Shui philosophy, focused on creating a favorable environment for development and harmony. Therefore, for a wedding less full of tension, you can take some Feng Shui advice into account.

White, an inadvisable color for the wedding dress: The central part of a wedding ceremony, the white wedding dress is classified by experts in Feng Shui as a metallic color, emanating an inadequate energy to the festive event. They recommend, however, the replacement of this shade with classic tones, sallow, of the color of colors like butter, honey or pumpkin.

The date associated with the wedding: According to Feng Shui advisers, some data associated with the wedding ceremonies are more favorable than others. Thus, while the days of eight and nine symbolize fulfillment, 18, 19, 28 and 29 are added to the category of lucky days. They believe that the day of 17, 26 and, in particular, the eight day of August is lucky.

The wedding cake, in Feng Shui art: The dessert of the ceremony symbolizes the future of the married couple, so experts recommend choosing a cake on three floors, if your objective is heading towards building an adventurous marriage.

For a stable marriage, instead, those who practice the art of Feng Shui advise future brides to choose a square wedding cake, symbolizing the nourishing energy of the earth. On the opposite side, a round cake resonates with people harboring artistic ambitions, as it represents the creative principle of metal.

Solid Rocks: For a harmonious wedding reception, Feng Shui experts recommend using two pieces of rose quartz in a square box, followed by putting the box in the right corner of the reception hall. The reason is the stone’s symbolism, considered lucky for romantic occasions and representing love and beauty.

The bride, in the spotlight: Glowing necklaces, tiaras or the dress embellished with crystals – here are some of the stones that attract the metal’s energy, associated with a long and harmonious marriage.

A good way to occasion the energy exchange in the room, according to Feng Shui advisers, is the introduction of scented flavors. This can be done with scented candles and aromatic oils. Also, for a reception full of vivacity, experts recommend choosing rosemary, while vanilla and cinnamon are appropriate to relaxing receptions. Lavender, however, is known for its soothing properties.